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should kids have cell phones

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Started: 1/24/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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do you think kids should have cell phones.


Thanks for the debate Pro.
There were no rules or definitions, so I'll just get into it right now.
This should be fun.


It seems these days cell phones are everywhere and are virtually used for everything.
We organize meetings, mess around with silly games and apps, and even order food via our cell phones.
Most people will tell you that the life they live would be much more difficult without these devices.
That's right, I said people.

The problem is that kids are not people, so they neither have a purpose nor the ability to use cell phones.

I'm going to negate this resolution that kids should have cell phones, because kids lack the ability to operate cell phones, kids have no use for a cell phone, and the dangers of leaving a cell phone in a kid's possession pose risks for both the kid and the cell phone.

*Animal Rights*

I get it.
You want those conscious creatures, mainly mammals it seems, to be treated humanely and be afforded basic rights that humans have.

On one hand, owning a cell phone isn't a right, so fighting for non-humans' cell phone rights is as silly as it is inaccurate.
On the other hand, by giving kids a cell phone, you necessarily treat the kid inhumanely, because the cell phone parts are choking hazards if chewed and the lithium battery contains manganese dioxide, a known poison.

So, while I sympathize with animal lovers, I've gotta draw the line at owning cell phones...shouldn't those phones go to people who need them first?

My opponent may have a special place in his heart for kids, heck, my opponent may even have a kid living with them, for whom they think a cell phone should be designated.
But if they truly love their kid, they'll keep them safe from harm.


What would a kid use a cell phone for?
If anything, I could see the kid chewing the phone to pieces, destroying the expensive device and endangering the kid at the same time.
If you think plastic, metal, glass, and manganese dioxide is a delectable treat for kids, then by all means animal lovers, kill a kid and give them a cell phone.

Personally, I'd like to avoid a future rife with this:


should - used to indicate obligation.

kid - a young goat.

have - possess.

cell phone - a mobile phone.


Therefore, I reject this resolution that young goats should have cell phones; the reasons should be obvious.
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Posted by MagicAintReal 1 year ago
Why start a debate if you don't want to argue?
I'm so tired of forfeitures!
Posted by NewCommunist 1 year ago
are you for or against kids having phones?
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