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should laptops be allowed in classroom?

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Started: 12/11/2016 Category: Education
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should laptops be allowed in classroom?


No laptops should not be allowed in classrooms. They are distractions, and the teacher has no way to know if the students is really paying attention. Also, evidence shows that students have lower recall when they use type out notes or just read a power point on their laptop as opposed to writing them down by hand. For these reasons I think laptops are detrimental to academic success and should not be allowed in classrooms.
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Posted by cdibartolo 2 years ago
Laptops are a great learning tool in classrooms, if they are used correctly. The high school I attended as a student, provided every student with their own Mac Book. This did not mean that all books were eliminated from the classroom, instead it was a tool used to help deepen and promote more sophisticated thoughts. Students were required to learn skills which would help them in the real word such as: how to use technology, how to conduct research, how to find scholarly resources, etc. Students who have laptops in the classroom have access to the abundance of information that we as learners are fortunate enough to have.

Some believe that laptops may be a distraction to students in the classroom. However, the administration is able to put blocks on websites that are not appropriate. Teachers also have access to view the student's screens from theirs with the click of a button. Students are taught that laptops in the classroom are a privilege, they are to respect them and the rules in order to use them.

As a teacher, I still hold the same belief that laptops in the classroom are a true benefit. It is important to remember that just because they are provided to the students does not mean that every time is an appropriate time to use them. Knowing when to use them appropriately will enhance student learning. Laptops are a great tool for online research, online collaboration, computer based projects, student assessments, and more.
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