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should little kids watch TV. yes or no. its heath

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Started: 1/21/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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yes kids should not be able to watch TV. they get lazy after the first TV show they watch and more lazy every day


So your argument is that kids should not watch TV because it will make them lazy? Well whats to stop them from watching TV as adults or teenagers? Technology will for forever progress and will forever make people lazy. The best we can do is try not to do these activities excessively. Everyone should be healthy and active. So my argument is, TV itself doesn't make children or anyone lazy its the idea of something "better" or "easier" that makes people lazy.
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no kids do get lazy from watching TV because if they did it how come lots of kids don't go outside on warm days and play with there friends
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Posted by Eunoiad 3 years ago
Freddy.Kruger, I noticed you have no evidence backing up your claim. This means we cannot verify if your claim is actually valid in any way.
Posted by Freddy.Kruger 3 years ago
no they should not watch TV
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