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should medical personnel just stop treatment because the pt asks which will lead to their death?

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Started: 1/4/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If a patient is dying and want to stop doing treatment, i believe that a patient does not have the right to give up because patients will always give up before they even realize that they are about to get better. depression sets in along with the feeling of hopelessness.


Now a days, as we know not every single disease is cure-able. With this knowledge, the question of what the requirements are for "assisted suicide" (primarily by a physician). The right to life is one that brings up many controversial arguments in the 21st century with Euthanasia being one of the conflicts that still baffles up to this day. The problem with repealing a persons right to life or death due to factors with no relation to the situation such as religion, personal belief, or social norms is anything but ethical. Euthanasia, while disliked by many, has been proven to decrease health care costs, provide a patient with the knowledge that they wont need to suffer, and with the decision being in the patients hands, they can use personal morals to choose whether the decision of fighting is worth the pain, or if giving up is in their best interest. The debate on whether Euthanasia is ethical or not is solely based on factual evidence without any outside bias, not "I" statements. You included a definite claim in your introduction when you stated "...patients will always give up before they even realize that they are about to get better." and this claim is false on the premise of an article by The Guardian (link at the bottom) which shared true stories of 4 different people who overcame their near death experiences and their fight to overcome them, even when success looked impossible. Denying the right to Euthanasia, as stated in your speech, whether it has set in before you are informed you have no choice to fight a battle or give up, you will develop and maintain feelings of hopelessness.
My questions for you are as follows:
-Euthanasia is a method to relieve extreme pain, often with terminal diseases. What is your alternative to alleviate extreme pain or discomfort for a patient without Euthanasia?
-Without the discussion of religion, or off topic moral stances, what basis should assisted suicide be denied off of?
-Can you find any sources, with statistics, proving that Euthanasia will cause an influx in the use of "assisted suicide" or a national study siding with doctors on the negative effects of Euthanasia?

Link to article mentioned above>><<
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