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should men wear tights, Speedos. Bike shorts and lycra

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Started: 11/16/2018 Category: Sports
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Should men wear tight fitting garments for health reasons and modesty is always a debate. Many people don't like the look. I am ok with the man package thing, The exposed lunchbox, The visible dangely bits. If you see my profile you will see many examples of sports gear and men looking hot and sexy just like the women who parade round in tight see thru tights with thongs on and we can see all there butt. I am of the opinion that what's good for the goose in good for the gander. I have had hundreds of people enjoy me running by, They come up to chat and look and even stare in sheer disbelief. All this talk about being gay or tights only for women is nonsense. Move on and be proud guys strut your stuff. Have courage and let them see the meat and two veg. If it flip flops around that may not be a great look I admit. But cycling gear isn't great it is too tight and hides all bulges and makes men look like women. I like the look of my junk and so do many women. I get comments all the time all positive. Women come up and chat and ask questions. It is like advertising I have picked up on the track. I admire women in their beautiful outfits and they would like us men to more courageous. I have to admit I probably am more on the extroverted side and even qualify as a sports exhibitionist. At the gym we all flirt and carry on and try out do each other. Out doors is where the debate starts. Running along and a couple dozen college girls out on a run will pass you and 100% love it, They cheer, Clap, Whoop, Whistle and yell out comments. It's all good fun. There is a difference between being a flasher and a pervert and being a sporty hunky guy who is hot and make the girls just flip out. I get tooted by cars and some girls will stop and pretend they are lost to ask directions when really all they want is to see your junk some more. If your shy go crawl back into your private garage gym or treadmill. My point I am strongly putting is move forward with he same old boring debate and be proud of your masculinity and show off and be decent and only you can decide where your threshold is. Or people will react and you will see actually no one minds in fact they want you to be more daring and sexy. I might be really outrageous and some times I see girls gob smacked and wide eyes and mouths gaping in total disbelief at what they are seeing but they all slow down or turn around and come back for another look. They will stop when you do and watch you for ages even take pics. I can hear them whispering and murmuring. It is so obvious. What we need to do is replicate the middle ages and wear tights again not only in sports. I would like to have outfits for social occasions and every where. Thank god for sports you can get away with allot. You can swim in speedos and wonder around all day in them at the beach or pool but you can't leave the water or beach too far then it looks weird. I would like to offer all my pics for you too judge. So forget the health reasons or the fashion police dictating what you wear and be yourself. I think I have gotten more brazen over the years and have to admit I think gay guys are ahead in this and everyone accepts that and they can get away with it. I probably get thought of in this way by people but that's all good. I thank my gay brothers for leading the charge. I have had more interactions with girls when I am wearing sexy or revealing gear than before. Also I love the attention so I am at my best and not shy or coy. There are grey areas where when you are wearing clothing that shows off your genital outlines and or even thin black opaque tights that are see through that sometimes are extreme but I have never had a complaint or bad comment. All good urging on and a group of young girls once took pics and obviously wanted to record the moment. So I want to end the debate on men is tights, Speedos and other form fitting gear and start a new revolution of socially acceptable levels of man bulges and visible junk that isn't offensive or unwanted. Only you will be able to decide after your reactions and clothing you try out. I have had some awkward moments where I got turned on and it was due to a bus load of netball girls all getting off a bus and standing around in a park all noticing me leaning up against a wall and I had to rest I couldn't move on and it was awesome and I had a boner of sorts and because the tight nylon stretchy elastane held me firm in went down not up so I got away with it. This can happen allot and and thank god for the fabric but some times one gets out and it is embarrassing and often very exhilarating at the same time. You get a rush. I think some girls running in very revealing tight gear love the attention and get turned on only difference is with us guys in spandex lycra or nylon there is no where to hide.


Greetings. First off I would like to say, This is an interesting debate topic. Best of luck.

Before I officially begin: I don't care what anyone wears that's their choice. Mikaloviche, If you wear tights, Speedos, Bike shorts and/or lycra then awesome. I'm also not one of those people who are like "Oh you wear tights you're gay blah blah blah"


1. "Health reasons & modesty" - Please enlighten me on those.

2. "Women who parade round in tight see thru tights with thongs on and we can see all there butt. " - Indeed. We are men, We're visuals creatures. A women - especially an attractive women with a big behind will catch our eye. Even better when she is wearing tights. I will add: Women are meant for tights obviously because of their private part, Meaning that it fits them more and it is more natural. So, By that statement, Are you saying that not only do men show off their junk, But their butt as well? Or am I looking too deep into your point. Please enlighten me.

3. "All this talk about being gay or tights only for women is nonsense. " - I can agree with you on that. Welcome to society, Where literally anything a man does, Such as wear "tights" equates him to being gay. Straight guys can wear tights as well, It isn't only for women. They make tights for men as well. (Leads to next Point 4)

My official opinion on why I am Con (against) this debate topic.

4. Men wearing tights - If you play sports, That's different and understandable. For example "Lyrca, Speedos, Bike shorts, And tights for if you play football" - totally fine. As for wearing it for fashion reasons and just to wear them, I disagree with.

5. "Move on and be proud guys strut your stuff. Have courage and let them see the meat and two veg. " - So are you saying men who do not wear tights whatsoever and are against them (such as myself) are not proud and not have courage? If you are then, You're wrong. You can be proud and not do things like that. By your statement, I just see that as a sense of insecurity and looking for acceptance. If you are confident in yourself and know how you are then you don't have to do things like that seeking attention. I'm not necessarily saying that about you yourself, Because everyone is different. I am just generalizing. Enlighten me.

6. A woman can still be sexy and reserved without showing off her boobs and wearing revealing clothes.

7. "If it flip flops around that may not be a great look I admit. " - You stated 'may not be a great look' this further helps my argument. I must add, How will your junk flip flop around if you're in tights? Wouldn't tights prevent it from flip flopping around since it's tight? (Keep in mind I don't know much about tights. Are there loose tights? ) Please enlighten me.

8. "But cycling gear isn't great it is too tight and hides all bulges and makes men look like women. " - This also further helps my argument. "too tight" = uncomfortable. (This goes back to my last point. Are there loose tights? ) "hides all bulges" = leads me to believe that certain (not all) tights hides bulges (Am I correct? ) So a man that confidently walks around showing off his junk in cycling shorts wouldn't work, Correct? What would girls say if they seen him?

9. "I admire women in their beautiful outfits and they would like us men to more courageous. " - There's plenty other ways for men to be courageous, Sexy, Confident etc than wearing tights (I'm sure you already know that). Women are made to fit in tights. (This goes back to Point 2) Men have a different body mass, Taller, And have more muscle than women. Not all men would find tights comfortable.

10. "Running along and a couple dozen college girls out on a run will pass you and 100% love it, They cheer, Clap, Whoop, Whistle and yell out comments. It's all good fun. " - That's fine and dandy, But let's switch the genders for a moment. Imagine a girl in tights running past a group of guys and all the guys make cat calls to her and saying how hot she is. You never know if a girl will say "Thank you" or be uncomfortable and report what happened. I just had to point out the double standard angle. I also must add: what are the chances that girls will whistle if they see an attractive guy. That rarely happens. Usually a guy does that to a woman. It happens more and it is seen more.

11. "Be proud of your masculinity and show off and be decent. " - I wouldn't classify showing off your junk off as being decent. You also don't have to be proud of your masculinity to do that. (This goes back to Point 5)

12. "I would like to offer all my pics for you too judge. " - No, You're fine.

13. "I probably get thought of in this way by people but that's all good. " - It's unfortunate, But welcome to society.

14. You mentioned your boner in your tights. Thanks for bringing that up because I was about to bring that up as one of my points. What if that happens? It's an awkward situation and it will be uncomfortable and embarrassing as you said - especially in tights.

15. "I think some girls running in very revealing tight gear love the attention. " - Perhaps some do, But not all. There's lots of girls (particularly attractive ones with nice bodies) who get tired of getting cat calls from guys.

Personally, I don't wear tights because for one, I don't play sports - 2. It's uncomfortable. It's way too tight. You gotta let your nuts hang and let them breathe. (Lol) I'm a very classy, Preserved person. (Goes back to the reference I made about women in Point 6) I'm not gonna just show off my junk in broad daylight. I take my junk seriously and the only time it's view-able is in the bedroom, In person.

Very last point - If your argument was written about how a woman should show off her v*gina in tights, People would see it as her being a h*e and disgraceful. However, Men would enjoy that as we are visual creatures. For your stance on how men should be proud and show off their junk - people would look and notice for sure, But more men cat call to women than women do to men generally.
Debate Round No. 1


mikaloviche forfeited this round.


I forfeit this round
Debate Round No. 2


Your too kind. I think You took me down gently. Best of luck for sure, Difficult topic. I think I may have conceded some points to you. I possibly can't actually disagree with some or most points you make. However. It is probs too much to go into each valid point you did make. You present a good argument. I think what I meant about being proud and courageous wasn't to actually say there are not other ways. You are correct and defended that brilliantly. I just thought as your retorts where numbered I should at least space mine out. I was thinking about all the online whoosy people who feel aggrieved and defensive in blogs about the flak they cop for wearing tights. It can get quite nasty out there. You were civil and very confident. To that end I must take my hat off to you sir and without conceding defeat I would like to add some more additional clarification. As you asked " please enlighten me". I agreed with your points. My appreciation of the female form doesn't extend to camel toe though. That can be too much as I am sure 100% of all college girls do not like seeing my or any mans junk in the same fashion. There are debates about girls being *o's and looking cheap in tights and that is also interesting. I only use tights for sports but I do continue to parade around in my sports gear near or to and fro from events or runs. Wearing speedo's at the beach is fine but in a superb street far from water it's underpants. I am trying to remember your points as I have a small tablet and it is old and cannot easily go back to previous. Not an excuse. Health reasons are the constriction of the balls and the heat in nylon. Can cause some probs. The cooling down of sperm and the dropping of the testes is to safe guard against over heating. Modesty is the issue I think allot of debate go on about men in tights and has stayed stagnant for decades. I tis all about feeling insecure which you also mentioned. I am only expressing the sports tights argument here not related to guys wearing other tight stretch jeans or other types of clothing that make us guys look hot. So the context I argue is only in relation to sports attire. Not withstanding the many and varied other ways to b courageous and sexy 'et all. I feel very confident about my body and don;t feel insecure or astanged as you t of my parts. Needing to get attention. At least I think I do! Your point made very well. I am of the opinion that most guys would not attempt to wear anything like what I


(Round 2 does not count) - Sorry I actually thought you gave up but after reading your comment, I understand.

And yeah I'm really nice and humble. I'm a positive person. Even though this is a debating website I try not to offend others no matter what or to be rude. I just discuss the topic at hand, Not the individual who created the topic. It's simply a debate, No hard feelings, Plus it's fun. I'm also new to this website, So yeah. First decent debate I had. The one I had previously, Not so much lol.

When you said "took me down gently" haha thanks for all the compliments and praise. I have a very strong opinion and I look at things through all angles, And both sides. I don't want you taking it as me being rude or anything though - but you did say "gently" so I know you know I'm just chill and mellow.

About your tablet - It's fine I understand.

I always number my points, So everything can be neat and in line - I know you already told me your situation, So sorry that my response was too long for you to see, And you don't have to number your points and put spaces in your response like I did, It's fine. Do whatever is comfortable and whatever works for you.

About the health and modesty - thanks for explaining those. I understand now.

I didn't mean to offend you in my Point 5 at all. After reading your response, It confirms that you are indeed not "insecure" and that you're very comfortable with your body.

I understand everything else you said in your response about the tights. I am indifferent and I have no responses
Debate Round No. 3


I thought you would think I gave up. Probs should have gracefully. I don't think you argued so maybe we can't have a debate. First time here as well. So it is an aggressive world out there. Full of trolls. I probably just have to admit I am a sports exhibitionist and love just being the one looked at and girls going silly whether it is good or not. I think I may have a fetish or something ( don't really know if that's the word)?
If you've got it flaunt it is my credo. I just love any opportunity to parade around looking great. Do go over board and have at times been borderline. Over the years I have probably had thousands of girls comment, Laugh giggle and even clap. I have picked up and do find the type of attire I prefer is conjusive to ridicule or attraction. I also teach classes and at first no one came just a few girls. I started to sex it up bit and pumped the music and my pimped my outfit. I sort out very skimpy thin lycra shorts. Very tight and thin fabric, No undies and a few strategically placed elastic bands if you get my drift. ( TOO MUCH INFORMATION I HEAR YOU SAY) it is towards my point. I actually had my classes full in three weeks word of mouth got out and girls just loved the outfits and when you teach a class of 30 or so young college girls all staring at you it is intense. You know they are enjoying it.
so my life long ambition is to be one guy who is not afraid to explode the myth and be daring and start the sexy male sports gear revolution. In your valid points so eloquently put by the way, You did mention the women who are harassed and annoyed by males taunting and doing all the things I crave. I also agree and try not to do that. It is a blatant glaring contradiction I KNOW>. So to this end I want to change in my little world at least the paradigm of men's boring selection of sports gear. We are wearing leggings, Tights and there are changes happening.
my approach is a little bit more than waiting for society to catch up. I like to think that some of us can be outrageous and simply put just down right in your face.
We enjoy the female form as you said and you do not necessarily have to go to extremes to show it. Agreed. I do like it when a group of girls will just stop in their tracks and just go OMG look at that and all have a melt down in sheer disbelief that a guy would so daring and outrageous as to actually make his appearance so sexy too accentuate the lunch box and wear this gear which is shaped around his gear clinging to it that there leaves nothing to the imagination and even pronounced the effect some what.
I will be aroused and it will also be ok in some situations. I have had girls talk to me and while we are chatting I looking at their hot bodies and getting turned on and they even bring up the fact that for guys it must be hard as there is no where to hide. So by reiterating my points I hope you understand I am not only a strong advocate of the sports gear aforementioned
but also the more salient point of the we have our package and for our life times had to hide it. If you see a bulge it is often thought yuk. But the way I do it and with sensitivity I like to think my ratio of yuk to oh OMG look at that how nice and sexy is higher than the yuk. Laying on a beach in speedo's and having a huge bulge is a turn on. How did people cope in the middle ages with tights and being turned on. From literature I gather it wasn't a yuk factor but a way of expressing admiration and you know some one liked you. I know it all depends and your probably thinking I wish I hadn't entered this debate but I hope you see my point beyond the potential of it being gross and uninvited and almost flashing of a kind.
the wearing of such clothing enables us to express our sexuality and also just feel good and if done sensitively all I am saying for those girls not all who do go out feeling pumped and sexy in their gear and do want to be noticed I am only a man expressing that limited view of a few that wish to attract attention and be admired and made to feel ok about my masculinity. I am not a guy who complains about women's advantage in this area I am doing something about it.
so you can still dislike the gear and the men who wear it. I am just saying I want to express my heterosexuality and be proud hopefully not sexually creepy or weird? It will always be that for some and do not wish to offend. At the gym it is gloves off it is one hell of a pick up joint and all stops out. But outdoors it is people's sensibilities you have to be careful not to offend.
I hope you respond and at least let me know if I am misguided or delusional as to my personal pursuit.


It's fine I don't regret entering in this debate.

About the TMI thing, Idc at least you're keeping it real. I'm not those type of people who are hypersensitive and uptight about someone expressing themselves even in this particular debate topic. Do whatever works for you and whatever makes you happy, Like I said I'm not all the way against tights if someone is an athlete (like football, Or a swimmer) then they are going to need tights, But I just don't agree with wearing it for fashion reasons and parading around in it, But that's just my opinion who am I to judge you or anyone else who likes to do what you do? As long as you are a great person and are kind to others. As long as you aren't a murderer or a pedophile or anything like that. Society is so brainwashed that it perpetuates this agenda of men can't wear tights or that makes them gay. It's stupid. Even men who are actually gay, People look at that as an abomination but turn a blind eye to murderers and people who are actually bad.

But there's nothing I can do to change how you are, I see what you are going for and that's a good thing you are going in a positive direction
Debate Round No. 4


I couldn't agree more. I don't mind being thought of as gay. I think some nearly all have a good sense of pride about themselves. They will mostly dress well and be very clean and concerned as to their appearance. So I guess if the worst thing you can say about a gay man is he looks very much a fashionista or preoccupied with good looks appearance and what people might think, Then that is not a worry at all. The other group of people are " metro sexuals" you must have heard about this group. I think society puts these labels on and just because a guy takes good care of himself ie. Creams facials good clean nails, Well dressed they feel it suffient to deride them and give them a label. It as if the norm for men must be a Buck or jock. A rough guy. I think the obessed gym guys are also a catorgory and seem to be very self obsessed but in a very mach way and it's all about physical appearance with muscles and pumpin iron, Showing off in public with their great prowess and ability. It is a ritual in parks beaches everywhere. It is a behaviourial science thing, A preening and flirting way of attracting a mate. Gay men have led the way in at of fields and taken alot of flak for moving humanity forward in very positive ways whether people agree or not with their sexuality. I do oen also get attention from this group and it can be flatering. I wonder what caterory i am trying to start. I thought of a few funny one liners. "Bring back the bulge" or the one already out there is Men in tights. Thats now an accepted thing in general. . . I am not sure if I agree with you about wearing such garments away from the sports arena. Alot of fashion these days especially for young men is very colourful and cut very neatly. Some outfits are soft and tight fabrics. You see alot of stretch pants and tight clothes. It is not allways traditional masculine lines. What is expected as a male has change and the clothing has allot to do with it. Cute is in. Women like the softer tones and gently look. I prefer something a little in between. I'd like to know what you wear and how you expressed your viewon other ways to show your wares other than tights and bulges etc. . . . . My other joke catergory was the " reclaim my manhood" or " reclaim my package ". The barbie doll world we live in where the KEN doll has no bulge NO sexual organs is purile and femenized. No real display of anything. It is almost impossible to imagine how we can change this view. Maybe one day we can be proud of our packages and display our lunch box ( discreetly) if thats at all possible. Remember once upon a time women in our western culture had to cor up. No bikinis or flesh to be shown now we frown on the burqua and scarves. Oppression vs modesty. Women as you say are made for it and we love the butts especially in tight tights and see thru. I don't think there is anything more enjoyable as jogging behind a young woman with a great butt th a visible G string thong on exentuating the round bottom cheeks. It is this that I have my calling and want to see allowed and accepted. The male version of exposing parts or allowing for some visible signs of sexuality. To this end I will strive to allways break new ground and wear as least as possible without getting arrested, To put up with all the giggles, Whispers laughs clapping comments good and bad. The point you made about cat calls is correct, I think I my case it is not the same I think it is out of sheer disbelief or suprise that I get whoops and whsilted at I think it is diferent. I agree with you that women would and continue to feel harrased. So I think when i get that attention it is the beginning of a weird acknowledgemnt of almost acceptance in a way. So I think it is changing. When guys see me some are completley grossed out and make their disdain clear. Mayby I am just trying to justify an exhibitionist urge? If i was naked I would be arrested and so I shoould be. A flasher who exposes himself is abhorent to me. I am hopefully not in the sexual pervert caorgory and just a little bit titilated by the hundreds of smiling girls who do seem mostly to enjoy seeing a guy who is out of sorts as they say. Smiles tell all. Alot of good morning and comments like " your up early" or one recently " nice shorts" and allways said like the women needed to redress the balance and feel ok about commenting and letting me know. Changes only come about if their are people willing to be ostricised and made to feel ashamed. I like to think I am not macho not gay (? ) maybe a little cheeky and perverse but in a wy that is beginning to be more socially acceptable form of expression only to be found for now in sports attire.


Metro sexual - I never even knew what that was, But now I know after researching it. That's crazy, This term shouldn't even exist. Hygiene is very important, So if a man cares about his appearance and takes care of himself, That makes him gay? I mean as long as he isn't feminine and wearing make up or whatever the case, Know what I mean? That ties into "Toxic masculinity" not sure if you heard that term before but it means exactly what it says. For more info, Just message me.

"Think society puts these labels on and just because a guy takes good care of himself ie. Creams facials good clean nails, Well dressed they feel it sufficient to deride them and give them a label. It as if the norm for men must be a buck or jock. A rough guy. " - Just like my last point. That's true, I agree with that. Like I said, This ties into toxic masculinity. I want to make a debate about this so bad lol.

"A lot of fashion these days especially for young men is very colorful and cut very neatly. Some outfits are soft and tight fabrics. You see a lot of stretch pants and tight clothes. It is not always traditional masculine lines. " Yeah that's true. But as for me I can't wear skinny jeans, Not my style. And as for shirts, I usually wear medium but I like stuff thats a little big on me, So I mostly wear large. But some stuff I have is a medium and I wear it sometimes, It just depends. I just like stuff thats a little big that way its comfortable plus I'm a big dude. I'm not fat but I'm not skinny either I'm just tall. I'm stocky, I think that's a good word

About the cat calls - Yeah true and believe it or not, It is possible for men to experience sexual harassment. It's just not talked about at all nor is it shown because men are seen as tough guys and we're unbeatable and we can take everything. No. Also a double standard. My mother introduced me to some lady, (she was older. . . Looked like she was in her 50s) and the lady called me handsome and she said it so weird and sexually so of course it made me feel weird. It'd be different it was a young girl that's around my age (in college). Imagine a dad and the dad tells his friend "this is my daughter" introducing her, And the friend goes "Wow you are pretty. " No matter how nice, How innocent or how "normal" he says it, It will look like he's a demonized pervert.

I'd like to know what you wear and how you expressed your view on other ways. - Just regular stuff lol let's see baggy jeans (sometimes slim or straight fit jeans, Depends) sweat pants, Hoodies, And like I said I like shirts just a tad big on me (a large) but I do technically wear a medium. So yeah, Clothes like that

"KEN doll has no bulge NO sexual organs is purile and feminized. No real display of anything. It is almost impossible to imagine how we can change this view. " Yeah probably because children (young girls mainly) are playing with them and it wouldn't be appropriate for a ken doll to have a p*nis. I assume the people who create dolls don't want the young girls seeing that since they are little.

"I don't think there is anything more enjoyable as jogging behind a young woman with a great butt th a visible G string thong on exentuating the round bottom cheeks. " - True, But some people see it as pervy. It's like a double edged sword, A man can't look at a women without being a perv, But when a man likes a man that's bad too, "He's gay, Ew that's bad" etc.

The debate is over now, Just inbox me when you need to reply. The debate went kind of in a friendly turn so everyone that's voting, Just vote for both of our Round 1 if you want to, Or just vote for all 5 rounds
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Oh okay. Understood
Posted by mikaloviche 3 years ago
sorry to the responder. My computer too sow or I did something wrong and wouldn't allow me to submit. I did respond to most questions posed and I still couldn't up load the rest. See if round three works. I did like your response. My big screen which is plugged into a small tablet wasn't working and would not let me submit.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Okay @ Pro I noticed you've been online a few times and most recently it says you have been online 4 hours ago.
I will take that as you ignoring my response to you and that you are forfeiting. Unfortunate because I was interested in your response and how this debate would turn out, But right now is 18 hours left.
Posted by Kvng_8 3 years ago
Lol right vvv
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
That is a long debate for discussing clothing.
Posted by delete 3 years ago
this is kinda gnarly bro
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
It should not be a problem if you have a big cock to show off, Just stay away from the cold water.
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