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should middle school have an art class

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Started: 1/21/2018 Category: Arts
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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should there be art class in middle school


Middle School is a place where kids transition from learning the basics to having more classes, a more difficult schedule, and more friends. Thus, it is right to suggest middle schools should have an art class, since it is a break from a kid's regular curriculum and kids will learn different things relating to the real world.
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no art class is a waste of time because all you do is draw. do it on your work.


I strongly disagree with your statement. If art class is a waste of time, why isn't math class a waste of time? Why isn't English class a waste of time? Before you rebut saying these classes aren't a waste of time because in those classes, kids actually learn material, let me tell you this, you can learn in art class too! Just look at all the possibilities, using math to figure out the direction and angles of different lines, using English and history to determine how old a painting is, and the story of where a painting came from, and you can use science to know what chemicals go into the paint or pencil an artist uses! Art class is an amazing opportunity for a child to learn many things, and If you think that schools should not have art class, then you are just limiting the amount of knowledge a child can have.
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Posted by Ma_Ro_Va 2 years ago
No, I think art classes in middle schools are useful to stimulate students' imagination.

When I was at middle school I had lots of fun drawing what I used to imagine. Now I prefer writing to tell what I think, but I'm still convinced that arts help to get closer and more confident with classmates/friends, too.
Posted by WOLF.J 2 years ago
Yes, children will have an opportunity to be creative, learn in different way, and have a great time. Art is an underestimated unit in education. Artists are viewed as hippies or something, but I think they're really talented.
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