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should middle school have recess?

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Started: 5/3/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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middle schoolers need physical activity, too. Also, school can get boring after a while. It is important to be physically healthy at all ages.


To introduce my stance in this debate, I agree with two of your statements: "middle schoolers need physical activity, too." and "It is important to be physically healthy at all ages." But as I am taking the Con stance to this topic, I must inform you that I do not believe recess is a solution to children needing their exercise time. I hope to sufficiently deliver that point throughout the followings rounds, and I wish a good debate to my opponent as well.

I would certainly hope that we could all agree to a definition of recess. The basic definition I will be using for the purposes of this debate is the 4th definition that Merriam-Webster uses to define "recess": a suspension of business or procedure often for rest or relaxation, children playing at recess.

I did not use definitions 1-3 because I am taking a big assumption by saying we are talking about the period of relaxation students receive, rather than the process of receding, something hidden, indentations, or the break period in which time is suspended in Congress. Also from the lack of clarification of this topic, both in the topic name and in my opponent's introductory round, I will assume my opponent is addressing schools within the United States for this topic.

I am completely supportive of Middle School (also pertaining to Intermediate School, Junior High School, etc.) students getting physical activity, but as the Con side of the argument, I am telling you that recess is not the answer to Middle School students getting the physical activity they need.
What is? You may be asking.
Physical Education.

Physical Education (P.E.) is an elective that in all 50 states of the United States, is required by the government to have the students participate in, especially in the Middle School ages. The California Department of Education has made legislation that is used in the vast majority of the Untied States today. This legislation requires that all students in grades 7-12 receive 400 minutes of physical education every 10 school days (This can also be found in the Education Code, Section 51222).
Physical Education is considered an "elective" class to most states, and therefore takes an entire class period throughout a student's school day. This replaces the need for recess in middle schools, as it not only occupies more time than recess does, but is also directed by coaches that have a goal of improving your physical education, rather than children playing freely on a playground without determination to gain this exercise.

Therefore I do not see a need for recess within Middle Schools, as there is already a more beneficial Physical Education (and in most schools, Athletics) system implemented in schools within the United States.
Your claim "It is important to be physically healthy at all ages." matches perfectly without recess in the solution. This physical health is provided in Physical Education, and therefore is not needed in recesses throughout Middle Schools. This being one reason to vote Con.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree that P.E. helps with physical activity, but recess is kids doing things that they want to do


I understand that you stand for a child's desires, but I can guarantee that you don't stand with the personal preference of every child in the nation.
I, myself, would rather *want* to be in a Physical Education or Athletics class, rather than have a couple minutes of recess everyday. This is because the purpose of Physical Education is to have a teacher or coach guide you through healthy diets, exercising activities, and the textbook instruction on how to live a healthy lifestyle.
Physical Education and Athletics isn't a class in which children are forced to participate in activities in which they do not enjoy, as you make it seem. Physical Education, instead, teaches children the importance of exercise, the importance of mental health, and the importance of a healthy diet. I do not feel the need to provide a source stating that Physical Education courses teach students more about health than recess does, because that could be considered common sense.

It is obvious that a class aimed to benefit the health of students, instructed by a certified teacher (emphasis on "certified teacher") would be more beneficial to a student than having time away from classes and an education to have the *option* to participate in exercise.
In the modern world, need should be valued over want. I would rather lower the obesity rate in the United States by encouraging Physical Education, than committing students to a few minutes away from classes because "recess is kids doing things they want to do".
Debate Round No. 2


I understand that P.E. is directed on students' health. But, it can be boring or not fun.


I'm glad you think so, but you have to realize that your argument is based off of your personal opinion, and will not be relevant until you can prove otherwise with evidence greater than "It can be boring or not fun.", "Recess is kids doing things that they want to do", "School can get boring after a while.", which by the way, is your entire argument.
I could create an equal argument by saying: "Recess is boring and takes time away from school." Which still technically had more fact than your argument. Instead of creating that argument, I created a much different one, stating that giving students time for a Physical Education classes and Athletics classes already rules recess irrelevant.
We both agree that students need their exercise, but the differences come at the solution.
While I have used evidence (although not as much as I would like to have presented), state law, and the existence of Physical Education and Athletics ruling recess irrelevant.
There isn't much more that I can state, as I have defeated your points and have left mine untouched, therefore, Con should win the debate. Vote Con
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro was unable to show why Middle School should have recess. He kept saying "school and PE are boring", with nothing else to back up his statement or position. Though Pro did say recess helps with physical activity, the same thing goes for PE, as Con points out numerous times. "Boring" is subjective; not everyone will agree with this. Con definitely seems to believe PE is better than recess, with his evidence being more time spent into physical activities, as well as education. Seeing as how Con had arguments that basically went untouched, Argument points to him. I'll also give Source points to Con, since Pro seemed to rely on subjectivity, and didn't bother to explain why recess is "more fun", whereas Con posts a source showing how PE contains much more activity.

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