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should prisoners be allowed to vote?

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Started: 11/18/2015 Category: Politics
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i say yes because there citizens of our society yes they broke the law and yes they're bad but inside theirs a good side to them and the constitution said everyone has equal rights if we don't let them then we are breaking the constitution


I am going off the presumption that when you say "prisoners" you are referring to convicted felons and not just individuals that have committed a misdemeanor.

Felons should not be able to vote in government elections.

1.) Felons have proven that they cannot obey the law. If they cannot obey the law, why should they be allowed to vote in the officials that create and enforce the law?

2.) Felons may end up changing their ways and exposing their "good side" but it is unlikely since, according to the BoJ, as many as 77 percent of all convicts end up back in prison.


It is not unconstitutional to deny them the right to vote.

1.) The 14th Amendment gives the constitution grounds to deny the right to vote of any individual "for participation in rebellion, or other crime". It therefore is constitutional to deny them the right to vote.


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