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should recycling be a law and punishable

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Started: 2/7/2018 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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people think that they should be payed or they think it is to hard to recycle. But it's not. For those people who don't recycling are pretty much saying goodbye to the polar ice caps and pengiuns. I don't want to have no clean land to live on and to run out of recorces faster than we find them. The more we recycle means less landfields and more open space which can mean cheaper prices for land. Landfields ruin forests and jungles and wildlife. And we cant just burn the landfields or else the polar caps will melt even faster and we may not even HAVE a land to live on. Recycling save energy and space and recources. We do not have a unlimited supply. We are limited to our earth and soon we wont have one so don't be stupid with it. recycle pople. End of story.


My opponent argues about the dangers that not recycling will destroy the world via climate change. This is however not true because climate change is caused mainly by capitalist industrialization in third world countries. Even if we did make recycling a law the effects of what my opponent states are already irreversible. Also there isn't really a way to effectively enforce this law as we can't have police digging through peoples trash in search for a plastic bottle. Also the building up of trash doesn't destroy habitats it is rapid expansion of humanity that does that. All in all there is no reason to make this a law nor is there a way to enforce it.
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Posted by scarlettjames 3 years ago
I think people should be required to recycle. In some states there are, but most are not. I think what would be even better is if you got paid to recycle, it would make low income communities want to recycle. Also a few changes like charging for plastic bags at grocery stores.I don't think people understand that when you throw something "away" it doesn't go away it goes somewhere. There are so many small things people can do everyday to make a huge difference. Such as
1. Use reusable cups and straws. When you go out to eat refuse a plastic straw. Carry a reusable water bottle. Don't use plastic forks, spoons, etc.
2. Take shopping bags and produce bags to stores.
3. Buy less packaged products.
There are so many simple things that if everyone did it would make a big impact.
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