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should schools ban junk food

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Started: 1/13/2016 Category: Education
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what do YOU think?


Thank you for creating this interesting debate and I look forward to a great debate.

I agree that schools should ban junk food in their facilities. Every state in the U.S. has more than 20% of their adults being obese. ( I know that bad eating habits don"t just happen at school and most of it happens at home, however, if you offer healthy food at the schools, you can help promote a healthier lifestyle at home.

If schools just offered healthy foods we would see students have an increase in energy and health, and a decrease in fatigue, diseases and obesity.

The only benefit I can see of schools offering junk food is making money for junk food companies and I don't feel that is acceptable when it comes to risking our kids health.
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I guess my opponent has either left the debate, forgotten about this debate, or has no further argument.

Vote Pro.
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Posted by PsyInsti 2 years ago
"what do YOU think?" implies a poll or opinion. Are you sure you wanted to make this a debate?
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