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should schools require uniforms?

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Started: 3/29/2017 Category: People
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While it may be true that some people argue that school uniforms should be required in grade school, it is not true for all because school uniforms can create stereotypes and can have have students suffer from embarrassment at school. Some argue that schools should require uniforms because it creates a safe environments where students are encouraged to pay more attention to their studies rather than their clothes or clothes other students are wearing. However on the other hand school uniforms restrict students freedom of expression. According to the first amendment of the US constitution, individuals have the right to express themselves freely. School uniforms also can be stereotypical. I believe this because normally girls would be required to wear a dress and boys pants. While my opponent makes some very strong points, unfortunately her information isn"t very reliable. For example my opponent believes school uniforms can be a sense of equality because everyone is the same and is required to wear the same thing.


There has been a lot of controversy on requiring school uniforms at school. Some people believe that school uniforms are stereotypical. They would argue that school uniforms mean girls wear dresses and skirts , while boys wear pants and shorts which can be stereotypical because no one can have the right to wear what ever they want. However my opinion is that they should allow uniforms in school. The reason why I believe that they should be required is because having uniforms are can be a sense of equality because no one would have cute clothes, or ugly clothes they would all be the same.
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