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should sex education be taught in school

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Started: 7/18/2019 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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should sex education be taught in school


Sex Education Should be taught in school because people need to know how to respect girls and boys.
As teenagers are getting more developed and get to know stuff
They should be taught how to control
Respect should be given boys and girls and no insult should happen
This also leads to gender inequality
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Posted by bfree08 2 years ago
Sex education should be taught in schools because it teaches children/adolescents about sexual activities/ sex ed. In general. Keeping these children and young adults educated on such an important topic of life is very important and can keep from teen pregnancy and also increase the use of protection.
Posted by taurethussain 2 years ago
so let me tell u one think from past 10 years sex education is taught in school.
so if youare talking about the partical sex education so i don't think that should be taught in the school because its helps to destory the life of child.
now a day boy started mastervatation just by watching picture only.
Posted by missmedic 2 years ago
Whether it is a motor vehicle or your junk, You better know wtf your doing.
Posted by Phil-E-CheeseSteak 2 years ago
Comprehensive sexual education in school has been directly linked in the reduction of teen pregnancy, High school drop out rates, And single parent households. All 3 of which are leading factors in higher rates of Poverty and criminal activity. This is a pretty simple yes considering you only see good outcomes when it comes to teaching more sex ed.
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