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should street art be allowed in public spaces

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Started: 5/18/2018 Category: Arts
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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street art is a form of expression, it is not just names or tags its creative and beautiful. street art is for the people that were told they weren't good enough or didn't want to follow other peoples rules or go by what they wanted no street art is for people that just want to make art and have fun with it. its free to see and amazing when you find the right one it could be deep or fun.


Public spaces are owned by the public of any county/state/city etc. Unless the majority of those paying tax money support the particular piece of art, the piece of art thus should be rendered illegal to disgrace the public space with.

Street art is about the individual producing whatever art they want, no matter how explicit and is entirely the inverse of left-wing ethos. Right-wing ethos and that of private spaces is that the individual who owns it should be as free as is legally stretchable to permit but left-wing ethos, which is the ethos on which public spaces are based, is that the community's will should supercede that of any passionate individual be they an artist or not.
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Posted by 32doni32nido32 3 years ago
Well, if you've resorted to STREET art, the wouldn't the people who told the artist that "they weren't good enough" be correct? One would have to be in a really low place in their life to use public property as a canvas.
You can have fun with different types of art to...painting, drawing, sketching, etc.
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