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should students be payed for doing work

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Started: 12/14/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that students should be given money for there work. First kids will know that if they do hard work that they can be rewarding.second is that with the money they can get they can put it in there college funds so its easier for students to get to college.


Why should children even get paid for doing work?
Children should get paid for going to school.
Debate Round No. 1


ya students should get paid because adults get paid for doing work and kids do work sooo kids should get paid


Getting paid for doing school work is just dumb. They will just spend it on junk, and that stuff.
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Posted by Debater022022 3 years ago
Who is with me that children should not get paid for doing work. It is just silly
Posted by cooliobear 3 years ago
Where would the money come from? The Trillions of dollars that america already has in debt? Many children in the world don't have access to education, cause either they live in a poor third world country or they just like in the slums and have poor family history. The thought of going to school and getting paid for it is idiotic. You need to work and earn the things you want, seeing as how many kids have dropped out of school at early ages to actually do jobs. If you are just tired of doing homework, maybe you should think about the lives of others and your privileges. Not to mention, for every page of homework you do, teachers have to grade 20+ exact papers of that. They know the work they give you will result in work of their own. They already get paid to little to deal with obnoxious kids.
Just think about these things, okay?

no beef.
Posted by Red_Walker 3 years ago
A good teacher does far more work than simply looking stuff up from a book or the internet. As the child of a teacher, my mother tried hard to make education entertaining because she felt it was the best way to educate. People tend to learn things if they are entertained or interested in it. The work students do is need to make them learn. I WORK hard at my new video game to learn it and excel at it. Without the work you learn nothing.
Posted by Nataliewardwood 3 years ago
Totally agree! All teachers do is like, look stuff up from a book or the internet and then give it to us, we do the actual work!
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