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should students wear uniform to school

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Started: 7/13/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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students should be required to wear uniform. it makes the school seem more in unison. you may disagree with me and say students need to express themselves but there are other ways you can express yourself. Furthermore, my school which doesn't use uniform encounters bullying and students break the dress code. we gave them an opportunity to express themselves and they took that for granted. wearing uniform also saves families money. Also, the amount of bullying based on outfits will decrease because everyone will be wearing the same thing.


Surely bullying will exist whether there are uniforms or not? It would remove a persons clothing as a reason for derision, but bullying is not limited to barbed commentary and behavior shredding a persons self esteem and school wear.

Is it right to ignore the true problem of bullying? That people have the situations removed from themselves and be not given guidance or opportunity to learn empathy or right from wrong. I do not advocate intentionally putting someone in a situation of bullying. But nor can I advocate removing all situations where bullying can occur. By that thinking recess would be removed as to limit peoples interactions and chances of bullying.

And what I say of money? If this was a private school, I 'assume' that the people paying for their children to attend would be rich enough in any case to simply buy them clothing for school. And if an average public school, why must all of society pay their hard earned money simply for a school to 'look' more unified?

So long as no one expects the students to but their own suit and tie for school, can simple clothing truly be so expensive?
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Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
I think most people if they had no dress code would wear more sets of clothing than one. While if they had a dress code they might not feel a need to buy extra clothing to impress other kids in school, is the train of thought maybe.
Posted by Masdebating69 3 years ago
how does it save families money? You have to buy them regular clothes and school clothes? with no dress code you only need one set of clothes unless parents are making their children wear school uniforms to restaurants and public
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Honestly I think I would say I am neutral on this subject, but for the sake of argument.
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