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should suicide be legalised

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Started: 1/16/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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So what is suiside ? suiside is the act or an instance of taking ones own life voluntarily and intentionally. With this being said why shouldnt suiside be legalised since the person who is committing suicide is doing it voluntarily without anyone forcing them to do so


Suicide should not be legalised because it carries a long aftermath effects to the people left to deal with the trauma and to some financial cost.We have the state left to use the resources to try and determine the real cause if whether is authentic or a murder .There is no moral behind this motion so how will the law that protects the community that has made the right to life a fundamental right detor from its mandate.This diabolic act of taking one's life should not be legalised as it exposes the education system that has failed with the issue of building students to have a self esteem also the ability of making resolutions on solving issues.
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Posted by Rando5634 3 years ago
The main reason suicide is illegal in many locations is so the police, or paramedics can forcefully enter the victims home to stop/save their life. If it was legal than they would not be allowed to do this. The only situation where someone would be prosecuted for attempting suicide is it it was an illegal drug overdose and that would be for possession and use of drugs.
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