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should the american flag be banned at schools

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Started: 11/10/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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american only please, this debate is for anyone who believes the flag should be banned in American schools, I disagree because the flag is a part of the history of our nation and while some people have different opinions of the flag It is still our nation's flag and I heavily believe not only should it be allowed at schools but encouraged to be in schools


not everyone is american, not everyone agrees with the flags statements. We do not pray in public schools because not everyone is christian, we should not be forced to have the pledge if not everyone is on board. if you want to stand for the pledge you can do it on your own time, if you don't agree with something you shouldn't be subjected to it. that is why slavery was abolished, nobody wanted to be a slave, not everybody wanted to pray in school, if not everyone wants to salute a pledge that they don't agree with then it should not be subjected on them. as long as they are not disrespecting the flag by spitting on it. i agree with what you are doing by not saluting it
Debate Round No. 1


yes, we do not pray in schools because not everyone is a Christian, we are not required to say the pledge because not everyone agrees with it, but in the US that flag is the flag of the country you live in and go to school in, we should not spit on the flag and we should not dishonor it, like I said it represents the country you live in or at the very least are educated in, frankly if people despise it so much why are they here? yes, America has a dark history, but the flag stands for MORE than the dark history, it stands for ALL of America, all 50 states, all the rights it grants its citizens, the flag stands for the country the good and the bad, after all what's history and life for that matter without the good and the bad? yes, this country has done bad things all countries have, but the flag doesn't stand for slavery, the flag stands for freedom and opportunity.
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Posted by Nathaniel_B 2 years ago
I can't agree with [RamenTheSnake]'s argument. This is America, it'd be just as respectful any where else to say the pledge. It isn't mandatory to be patriotic, but yes the flag obviously shouldn't be banned.
Posted by SperoXVII 2 years ago
Your debate almost can't be disputed on because of how you presented it.
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