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should the drinking age be lowered to 18

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Started: 2/16/2016 Category: Health
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i think that the drinking age shouldn't be lowered to 18. I think this because although they are considered "adults" they still are teenagers and are not capable of making there own decisions and are more likely to over drink. Another reason i believe that the drinking age should be lowered is because drinking in adolescents can damage there brain cells and by the time they are 21 its less likely to damage them.


SOOO of course older adults would like to argue that the drinking age should not be 18 and OF COURSE 18 year olds will argue the drinking age should be 18.
My opponent has argued that the age should not be lowered due to the fact that 18 year olds "over drink" but if you take a look, people that are ALLOWED TO DRINK ages; 21,25,45. still have tendencies to "over drink" so then should we bring the drinking age up to 65? ANY ONE and any age is capable of over drinking. 18 year olds are usually off in college, and college is the key to all parties where of course they will drink. whether it is illegal or not, 18 year olds still drink. I believe that 18 year olds should be able to drink because it will get those "party habits" out earlier. EVERYONE gets so excited to reach age 21 because they can finally go out into the clubs and drink. A lot of of 21 year olds spend half of their year of being 21 drinking and over drinking for that matter because finally they are free. WHY not let 18 year olds at parties in college drink where its is legal and they can get rid of that "drinking freely urge" that 21 year olds have.... 18 year olds are capable of voting, renting an apartment, driving, working, fighting in the army, but we can not drink. or even have a few drinks without getting arrested?
In regards to the killing of the brain cells, everyone is killing their brain cells, drinking is not a healthy sport. if you chose to drink you must face the consequences of "losing brain cells" but no one thinks that because everyone, ages 18+ drink to have fun or have a good time. IN FACT I am half Portuguese and in Portugal kids are allowed to start drinking wine at the age of 16. My family is not dumb, nor alcoholics, in fact my aunt owns her own business, my grandparents just built a new 5 room house. People that started off at a young age of drinking now do not over drink nor are they "stupid" so I am all for drinking age being 18.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con argued that 18 year olds would overdrink, pro rebutted that everyone over drinks and lowering the drinking age would reduce illegal consumption of alcohol. Conduct was fair on both sides. Pro used lots of capitalization and exclamations, so that point for grammar. Neither side used sources.