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should there be something done about trump.

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Started: 1/25/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Trump is a bad man. He is sending people that were born here (Mexicans who were born in America) back to Mexico.


Before we begin I would like to offer the following observations and definitions to clarify the grounds and framework of the debate.

First, "something" is far too vague. I would like to narrow the parameters of the debate by defining "something" as impeachment or otherwise his removal from power.

Thus I offer the following contentions to negate the resolution.

Contention one. It would be a waste of time and political capital to attempt to impeach the President. Article two section four of the U.S. Constitution states that "The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States may be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." With the Russia collusion investigation on its last leg, it is highly unlikely that the President is guilty of treason, there is no evidence of bribery or other high crimes or misdemeanors. Therefore any impeachment process introduced by Congress would be struck down in a constitutional court or the President would be acquitted in the Senate. Impeachment is, however, a very lengthy process and would tie up much of Congress' time while we wait for it to fall through. Thus Congress would be running at suboptimal efficiency delaying any compromise on DACA and border security as well as CHIP and numerous other important legislative issues, and in the end, the President wouldn't even be impeached. So as we can see the attempted removal of President Trump from office would lead to a reduction of political capital and would also remove Congress' ability to function efficiently. Furthermore, if the impeachment of President Trump was somehow realized, Vice President Pence would assume the office and little policy change would occur.

Contention two. President Trump has done well as President. Since President Trump took office a year ago, ISIS has been destroyed, the DOW Jones Industrial Average is routinely opening at record heights, the economy is soaring, jobs are returning, the common man is making more money or getting large bonuses. overall this has been a successful Presidency with absolutely zero justification for impeachment. Branching from that point I would like to address my opponents singular justification for impeachment, That he wants to deport "Mexicans who were born in America" this is blatantly false. First, there is no legal precedent for deporting a United States Citizen, second, President Trump has never argued for deporting citizens. I believe my opponent may have misinterpreted DACA. the Deferred action for childhood arrivals act does not regard citizens, nor does it grant citizenship. moreover, President Trump has stated on multiple occasions that he's more than willing to reinstate DACA in exchange for funding for the border wall. All that Senate and House Democrats need to do in order to have DACA renewed would be to allow for the allocation of funds for the border wall. However, it is unlikely that Democrats will allocate the funds because deported childhood arrivals would make for good political ads in the midterm elections. For the same reason, I don't believe that DACA will be repealed by Republicans in any case.

For these reasons and innumerable others I strongely urge a vote in negation of the resolution.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AlmostNeverWrong 3 years ago
Actually, trump is deporting people whose parents had or adopted a kid and brought them here. but I agree with you. trump is a bad man and those kids deserve to stay in America.
Posted by Nathaniel_B 3 years ago
I can feel that the pro dude is gonna forfeit.
Posted by WhiteHawk 3 years ago
Julio, this is what I think. Illegals being born into the United States are being taught all the opinions of their parents and taught how to treat Americans. They are being taught what their parents deem what's best. They should be sent back with the parents because if they stay they're just going to act the same way their parents did. Also, forcefully splitting up a family doesn't sound very ethical to me.
Posted by Son_of_Titan 3 years ago
The notion that enforcing a national border for both economic and security reasons is somehow racially motivated is insane to say the least. It could be any ethnicity or country on our southern border, and it would still be a warranted measure to secure our country if they had so pervasively and illegally inundated the society and economy of the US.
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