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should we have holidays?

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Started: 2/12/2018 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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yes! because holidays are part of life, culture, religion, faith, language, and custom.


Let me come directly to the point. What is the concept of holidays? Just an excuse to stay at home. I am not saying it is bad to take a pause sometimes but that's what Sunday's are for. For instance in America 4th of July is a national holiday. People decide to commemorate this auspicious occasion by sitting at home. The day for which your forefathers fought so hard, thousands sacrificed their lives and you're sitting at home and eating and drinking.Is this the right way?Therefore we should not have holidays.
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Posted by MotoAtheist 3 years ago
I have nothing against celebrating certain dates, just not as HOLY days, which is what Holiday really means. Obviously 4th of July is my favorite, it's the most secular of the nationally recognized ones that we take off from work for and what not.

I don't mind celebrating things in general, it's good to recognize we all need something to look forward to on occasion, something that we all acknowledge universally as a nation or even the world. You can almost consider New Years to be secular these days as well.

I just think we should remove all the holy nonsense and quit trying to brainwash everyone with religious nonsense. Go have your special days, but keep them to yourselves. We need more special secular days to enjoy.
Posted by kjw47 3 years ago
Does anyone know what a encyclopedia is????? Facts of history. They tell of all the pagan practices off the table of demons( 1Cor 10:21) in the worlds celebrations--God says cannot partake off that table and be apart of him. Its how satan has beaten 99% throughout mortal history. 2Cor 11:12-15)-- they are made to look good and loving.
Posted by Storephin8204 3 years ago
Not only are holidays a good part of life, they also bring joy as well as relaxation to kids, teenagers, and adults. Without holidays, some of the most important events and people wouldn't be famous or even somewhat popular. For example, if July 4th was eradicated, then many Americans wouldn't feel as patriotic. Many other holidays would lower self esteem, happiness, and other important emotions.
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