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should we have homework????

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Started: 2/1/2018 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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good afternoon i think homework should be banned


Accepted. Con may extend his argument in this round - I'll respond in the next one.
Debate Round No. 1


so you are going to debate with me??



Yes I'm going to debate with you, I'm just giving you the chance to continue your argument.
Debate Round No. 2


i dont think we should have homework because kids have after school activities and don't have time for homework. kids don't even get their homework even done.


Opening Argument:

Children, as I'm sure Con is aware of, go to school to learn and gain an education - and in order to properly absorb the information that they're presented with and have a richer understanding of it - they need homework. This applies to both children that excel at their studies (as they can develop their skills in their most preferred subject areas) *and* children who are struggling academically (as they can try to improve in their own home environment, with the assistance of their parents if necessary). Homework gives one the opportunity to reflect upon what they've learned, enhance their knowledge of it, and become acquainted with what will be expected in years to come - in terms of university obligations and requirements.

The importance of homework becomes even more pronounced as children grow older and enter senior/high school, as the level of expectation of academic success increases on most students. E.g, if you want to go to university, you absolutely have do pass your exams at school. The most important ages are 16-18, and this is when homework requires more of ones time and attention. Essentially, if you never study outside of school, then you are unlikely to ever succeed, go to university, and have a decent career.

Rebuttals/Closing Arguments:

Con states: 'I dont think we should have homework because kids have after school activities and don't have time for homework. kids don't even get their homework even done'. However, this is easily negated. There's 24 hours in a day and children spend around 6-7 hours in school, so if they go to bed at 9 or 10, this gives them 6 or 7 hours. Deduct one hour for dinner, and one for studying each day, they are left with 4 or 5 hours to spend on extracurricular activities per each 5 day week. They have 2 days free at the weekend, which gives them even more time to do the things they enjoy.

Cons assertion that children don't get their homework done, shouldn't be taken seriously as he hasn't offered any evidence in support of it. I would estimate that it's only a small minority of children that never do the homework. In my experience at school, most of us did - and, I imagine this is the case for schools across the world.

As Con has failed to affirm his resolution and show us why homework should be banned, prospective voters should vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BryanMullinsNOCHRISTMAS2 3 years ago
WTF? Why?
Posted by Masterful 3 years ago
School is 7 hours a day, shouldn't we give the young minds a chance to go outside and socialise with their friends? It's important to allow children to develop social skills early in life and the exercise promotes a healthy body and mind. None of this can be done if the child is inside for hours working out math problems, especially if the child gets stuck and no teacher is around to help.

Homework isn't preparation for the real world, I've never had to take work home with me. If we want kids that can do a 7 hour school day and then cram all that homework into their heads, then we better start supplying them xanax and copious amounts of caffeine because their fatigued brains will need it.

On a side note, if we need to supplement pupils with homework, could that be a sign of a poor education system? Wouldn't it make more sense to look at the bigger picture? Rather than micro the lives of every child around work?
Don't we have work restriction on children? Home WORK counts as work mother f***ers
Posted by hellopuppy4 3 years ago
Eve2442 i agree with you, except i'm in 5th grade
Posted by Eve2442 3 years ago
As a fellow 10th grade student, i HATE homework! Who doesn't? The teachers give us too much work, like thats the only class we have! But the teachers "say" that it is practice at home to help you better understand the material. The more practice, the more you get better, and practice leads to perfection. Sadly we will always have homework.
Posted by hellopuppy4 3 years ago
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
You need to manage your time better plain and simple. If you going to BitXch about HW. Then you need to realize life not going to get any easier.
Posted by hellopuppy4 3 years ago
haha soooooo funny

Posted by HaveSomeTea 3 years ago
Without homework you"ll be working at MacDonalds
Posted by hellopuppy4 3 years ago
what about after school activities?
Posted by Nd2400 3 years ago
School is to learn yes. But you need homework to understand some things better. You not going to understand Calculus on just doing this at school.
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Vote Placed by SamStevens 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con did not display appropriate conduct, using the debating rounds instead of the comments to hash out any lingering questions about the format of the debate before proceeding, thus wasting time. Pro displayed better grammar and spelling, suited towards debating and maintaining a pro-debate and professional atmosphere. Con offered poorly structured arguments with little reasoning. Pro offered legitimate arguments and explained herself thoroughly, citing real-life examples as to why homework is beneficial towards student learning, which is why, after reading this debate, I agree with Pro. As such, Pro wins the debate and earns my vote.

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