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should we help drug users?

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Started: 10/7/2014 Category: Health
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This is a logical and very necessary first step. Before you can learn how best to help a struggling addict or alcoholic, you need to understand the nature of addiction. There are several models of addiction that attempt to describe what it is and why it affects people, but none of those models are entirely accurate. Many people have heard of the disease model, which does a fairly decent job of describing what we see in the real world. For example, even addicts or alcoholics who have stayed clean for several decades can relapse and be right back to their old level of consumption within a matter of days.

Also note that addiction can affect potentially anyone, including those who:

Have no apparent genetic predisposition for addiction or alcoholism
Have very little environmental risk
Have no moral shortcomings or laziness about them
Even if you do not believe in the disease model, learning more about how it works is a necessary foundation in learning about how you can potentially help a struggling addict or alcoholic. If you want to know how to help alcoholics then you need to learn about the condition.


Why should we help the drug users, they are the people who have done this to themselves and if they cannot bring themselves to stop drinking or taking drugs on their own, obviously they do not have the will-power to go on in the world we live in.

Services are already in place for these instances, it is up to the person themselves to decide whether they want to use it or not, that is not anybody else's problem but the person with the addiction to drugs. I don't see why others should get themselves involved with drug users, it was their choice as to become a drug user and if it was peer pressure that forced them to do it, they can still make a choice to stop and get help and if they can't obviously they are not cut-out for the real world.
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Posted by Gribz 4 years ago
please if you or anyone else needs or knows someone who needs help with drug or other addictions please get help at site like or
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