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shrimp meat better than crab meat

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Started: 2/17/2008 Category: Health
Updated: 14 years ago Status: Voting Period
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I believe that shrimp meat is better than crab meat because shrimp is easier to cook and its shell is not as hard making it easier to get to the meat than the crab meat


Well, although I've never had crabmeat, I have done some serious studies on the stuff. Crabmeat has more vitamins, and is sweeter...It also supplies more meat which fills you up faster.. I have also heard that crabs are much faster than shrimps.
Debate Round No. 1


Well this debate is not about which one is faster but a crab will never be able to outswim a shrimp. Crabs are not made for swimming like shrimp are.
Do you have any evidence that crab meat actually has more vitamins than shrimp if you do then could you please share it with me. Crab meat is also harder to obtain than shrimp because shrimp are easier to catch therefore less expensive. Most crab meat is not even real anymore it is all imitation crab meat. Shrimp is just to good to imitate.


This information comes from a site called, Guide to crabs...Crab is a source of many important vitamins and minerals, some of which aid in the prevention of cancer (selenium), raise the levels of "good" cholesterol (chromium), thus lowering the risk of heart disease or circulatory disease and stabilising glucose levels in the blood, which is extremely important for diabetics.

Crabmeat is an excellent source of protein, is very low in fat and contains few calories.

Crabmeat also contains important quantities of essential fatty acids, iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorous, which are all important for a well-balanced nutritional diet.

So, Im pretty sure I've blown you away so far...
It has recently come to my attention that crabs have 10 they are the faster swimmer afterall.
Debate Round No. 2


Well actually Shrimp is even better for you than crab meat because it has less fat and calories. Shrimp also contains selenium and chromium therefore contributing to good health just as much as the crab does only in a healthier way. Shrmp is more useful than crab because it can be used in so many more recipes and goes well with so many other foods. It is also great on a party tray.

My opponent claims to have blown me away but how could she? She still hasn't proven that crab meat is any better than shrimp. I've shown that crab meat is not as healthy as shrimp. I've also proven that it is easier to eat and might I add taste so much better. It is more useful and versitile. Takes alot less time and resources to cook.

Personally I hate crabs all that work to open the shell, and when you finally get it open its just alittle piece of meat.

I am just going to leave it at that, there is no way you can beat this debate pro will surely win, especially cause I'm so much better looking than you the guys will def. vote for me.


Im not sure how looks got thrown into the mix...but you look like a tiny piece of shrimp to me.
I have shown that crabmeat has lots of vitamins and minerals. I am unable to compare taste because I have never tried crab...but I have seen people crack open the shell (easily) and pull out a piece of meat twice the size of your shrimpy bod!...
Im sure I will get the ladies vote seeing as I am a dentist and make much more money...and Ive got skills in which I wont speak of.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by aceofelves 14 years ago
shrimp tastes so much better. crab is TOO sweet. plus shrimp is easier to eat. also, crabs hurt really bad when they pinch you. i'd say pro wins this one.
Posted by curiousgeorge 14 years ago
I enjoyed debating with you. You may win this debate because I know that shrimp is very delicious. I will be logging off soon, but hope to debate with you again someday.
Posted by ShrimPman 14 years ago
btw 4 ounces = 113.398093 grams

hope your not a sore loser

thank you for the debate i feel so much smarter now.
Posted by curiousgeorge 14 years ago
Believe me, I plan on staying awake straight through the night into the early morning...until we get this figured out.
Posted by ShrimPman 14 years ago
Well hopefully that wine will not just put you to sleep or even worse fog your mind from this important debate.
Posted by curiousgeorge 14 years ago
we shall see crazy woman!! Well I too have plenty of time on my hands...and plan on drinking some wine in a bit to keep me awake...
Posted by ShrimPman 14 years ago
you will surely lose this debate because I have no car so I can sit here all night and debate this with you...
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Vote Placed by blond_guy 14 years ago
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