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smoking should be banned

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Started: 7/2/2017 Category: People
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smoking should not be banned because I believe that it's there choice and let them do what they want to do. if not, stress could affect the person consuming a cigar or tobacco and this could lead to worse health than taking a cigar and possibly suicide. even though this is bad for anyone's health it's there problem if they get cancer so let them do what they want to do.


Straight to the args then? Ok then. 2nd and 3rd round will be for rebuttals. Now on to my points.

I will start with the weaker one
1) Litter Reduction : Cigarette butts account for millions of pieces of litter annually and detracts from a location"s aesthetic. If smokers would dispose of their waste properly when they"re in public places, this might not be an issue, but the fact of the matter is that they don"t. The evidence is there, littering attractive buildings and the surrounding landscape with cigarette butts. A smoking ban would reduce litter.

Now onto the main/stronger point:
2) Health and influence : We all know we want to be respected and adknowledged. In fact, some people would do whatever it takes to do just that. When these such people see some person smoking and being cool, they start thinking wow. This guy is so cool andthey start adpoting that habit. Why is this so bad that I mention it you may ask. Well we all know what smoking does to our health with many people falling victim to lung cancer and, commonly, addiction. These two dangers merge togther to show a scenario of when one cannot get enough of ciggarettes and goes to the extent of bearing lung cancer. Now back to the imaginative scenario of the people being influenced by the person. Notice that I said "commonly" while talking about addiction. This way, there is an incredibly high chance that both parties, the original wrongdoer and the influenced one, will become addicted to drugs and, eventually, meet each other in the hospital. (That was a joke for the record but since this is a debate, I didnt make a really funny one) As you may have already realized, this one action, done by one person, lead to danger of 2 people. While this doesnt happen 100% of the time, the chance is a chance and a chance enough. You should never ignore even a 1% chance in a debate which, therefore, makes it a valid point. Status quo is, according to reasearch, "More than 16 million people already have at least one disease from smoking. More than 20 million Americans have died because of smoking since 1964, including approximately 2.5 million deaths due to exposure to secondhand smoke." This shows you how deadly a ciggarette can be and therefore, as the government's duty to create a safe and lively enviroment to live in, ciggarettes should be banned.

In all, i have told you about litter reduction by banning smoking which has upped my stance, and stated how contagious and deadly smoking can be and why we should ban it which both ups my stance and dissaproves of yours. I await my opponent's rebuttals in the next round and look forward to having a good debate.
Debate Round No. 1


For your first point, you stated that cigarette butts account for millions of pieces of litter annually. Although this is true why won"t the government or city council just place more rubbish bins in areas where many people are (like in the city) so that cigarette but litter would be reduced.
For your second point or main point you stated that when these such people see some person being cool, they start thinking wow but as I said for my first argument it is there choice to smoke so let them do what they want.
My first point is going to be about economy followed by my second point for round 2 which is going to be about health
First point(economy)
Taxes, we all hate taxes but did you know that there are some good things about taxes? Taxes make things more expensive but where do these taxes go to? The government. The government can create all sorts of things to save lives everyday all because of money that makes things more expensive. Cigarettes have a lot of taxes and although this is bad for the people who are addicted to smoking, the taxes in smoking could save their lives one day. You stated that in 1964 2.5 million people died because of smoking but from that day on taxes have increased so this would have prevented them from dying. What I am trying to say is taxes that go to the government can also go to health care which can save many people from dying because of smoking.
2nd point(health)
I researched and found out amazing facts about the good side of smoking on health. Here are a couple of health benefits on smoking:
smoking worsens your health. But for some people who suffer from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), smoking seems to relieve their worst symptoms.
IBD refers to a handful of chronic gut diseases. Crohn"s disease and ulcerative colitis, the two most-common forms of IBD, both result when a person"s immune system mistakenly attacks that person"s own gut. But while smoking cigarettes has exacerbates Crohn"s disease, it seems to alleviate ulcerative colitis.

At a recent conference on IBD in San Francisco, IBD expert Stephen Hanauer speculated that everything from our diets to tylenol to colder climates might be to blame for the recent rise in IBD diagnoses, especially in developed countries. But cigarette smoking, which is largely a 20th Century phenomenon, doesn"t gel with theories about IBD being a consequence of modern lifestyles, because it can actually ward off ulcerative colitis.
Hanauer is one of many IBD doctors who has noticed over the years that his Crohn"s patients are often smokers, while his ulcerative colitis patients are often ex-smokers. Cigarette smokers suffer from worse bouts, or "flares," of Crohn"s disease than non-smokers, so doctors are happy to encourage Crohn"s disease patients to quit smoking. But when former smokers with ulcerative colitis relapse into their tobacco addictions, they are often rewarded with relief from their symptoms.What gives?
At the conference, Hanauer was careful to avoid stating outright that smoking could cure ulcerative colitis, but he couldn"t deny that something in cigarette smoke was benefitting some of his patients. A handful of small studies has shown that nicotine might be a useful therapy for ulcerative colitis, though it remains unclear how it helps. Also puzzling: Nicotine therapy seems to alleviate one type of Crohn"s disease (in an unpublished study of a dozen patients), while smoking itself exacerbates Crohn"s disease. This observation would suggest that non-nicotine substances in cigarette smoke, of which there are many, may stoke and/or soothe the symptoms of Crohn"s and ulcerative colitis, respectively.
I also heard that cigarettes make you lose wait so then there would be less obesity.


Rebuttals (For points):
You stated that smoking is a good way to relieve stress. However, as you may know, there are HUNDREDS of other alternatives to relieve stress in less harmful ways like, in our case, using DDO. There is also reading a book, or eating (but not too much) or sleeping. It is absolutely impossible for a person to take a ciggarette and light it then realize "Oh flip. I just smoked when I could just have slept or went out with my friends." NO it is impossible for that to occur. Then there is the common, but effective "right to choose" point. My response to this is, as I have earlier mentioned in my points that it is the government's job to create a healthy and lively enviroment to live in (Even though they are really "succeeding" in that right now" and ensure people live a safe life. To say that its their problem if they catch cancer is ignoring the government's duty and, to add on, is COMPLETELY immoral. For example, if you see a person about to commit suicide would you try to stop him or just continue walking and see him shoot himself or jump off a building? I would pick the first option. This links back to your their problem statement showing that you have absolutely not a care for others and would just let them die. (This is also destroying your rebuttal to my health and influence point.)

For the second round, you mentioned taxes going to the government going to healthcare. Unfortunately, not all taxes go to healthcare. A small percentage of taxes in America goes to healthcare and at the current rate, I dont think we will be making significant progress anytime soon. Then you mentioned the good effects of smoking. Well your first point contradicted yourself by saying taxes can go to healthcare. This way, you only have to go the hospital to cure yourself from IBD. Also, I dont think that losing weight is going to be worth it from dying.

Rebuttals (For your rebuttals):
You proposed a usually effective alternative to my litter point if not for the world we live in. The reason I say this is because when you go out, for a walk in a park, or a beach or any place, there is definitely a rubbish bin. However even if a rubbish bin is in plain sight, for some unknown reason, people decide that the floor is a much better home for the garbage rather than the rubbish bin 3 feet away from them. You know its true. So I dont think that your alternative is going to work because of our current behaviour unless you plan to surround people in rubbish bins which raises another problem. Transportation.

Point: Fires
According to, smokers are 7 times more likely to have a house fire than non-smokers. About 1000 Americans die each year from smoking related home fires. The NFPA says smoking causes 90,000 fires per year in the US, and that 90% of wildfires in the US are caused by smoking thus making health not the only factor for death by smoking. Taxes cannot cover better fire fighting water... This shows that smoking is worse than it seems and needs to be banned right away before it takes the lives of many people.

I await your rebuttals to mine in the following round. No new points in the last round so take out whatever is in your storage room of arguments in the next round. Good luck and I hand the debate over to the negative.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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