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sould goverment use prisoners like rats for experiments?

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Started: 10/3/2013 Category: People
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in my opinion that our age could be more successfully in science. Because i think prisoners who have life imprisonment ot who sentence to death, would be more efficiently to use them for experiments.


Well, first of all I would say that the majority of prisoners are people who come from low family income. There's nothing in prison that's given away except for clothes and three meals a day.

Prisoners have one overriding concern, and that is to get out. Considering the prison environment, an inmate can't mentally or legally give the free and voluntary consent that is essential to medical experimentation with the human body.The very nature of prison confinement, the atmosphere of physical and psychological oppression serve to render the prisoner often incapable of making that value judgment before submitting his body to the rigors of unknown results of medical testing. Forcefully, the prisoner has to submit an authority almost absolute during the period of his sentence, and to gain any relief from this sorry state, he submits his body to things that he would not even consider doing if he were on the outside. Therefore all medical experiments in prisons should be banned.
Debate Round No. 1


BLASTI forfeited this round.


Well, as my opponent has no point to counter my arguments, I go further with my statement that prisoners should not be used for experiments because it is -

i) Against the Principle of Criminal Justice :
For the prisoners who already have sentenced with death penalty, they are already being punished
severely because of the crime they committed. They already are being deprived of their right of life--a highest
value of human right. "Nothing could be more severe than taking away those prisoner's fundamental right to live". To treat them as objects of experiment and further more, without any respect of their own will or opinion, it's blatant discrimination and arbitrary against the rule of justice.

ii) Against morality and medical ethics :
To force anyone to be experimented for medical research without their informed consent is both illegal and immoral. Medical ethics requires doctors to conduct their experiments informing the prisoners about the potential harms or benefits.

Debate Round No. 2


that is why I write only about criminals who are sentenced to life imprisonment or death penalty.


I do not know which point of mine, my opponent is referring to. We, obviously are debating about the criminals who are sentenced to life imprisonment. I want to state that those prisoners are also human and the above rules are very much applied to them also.

Now I will show you the examples of the worst evil human experiments. These experiments were so devastating that these had to be terminated in the middle of the experiment though. These experiments were catastrophically inhumane and inhuman. I, in my previous round, said that those prisoners had already been experiencing arduous and stringent action upon them by having life imprisonment, so they must not be harassed by executing forcefully experiments on them.

I cannot describe all the examples because of the word limit, I am putting a link which will prove my point - (

I thank my opponent, our viewers, who were unceasingly watching our debate and the voters, in advance.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Terrible debate. Con never really gave any argument for why prisoners should not be used and their initial argument seems to be predicated on prisoners getting out which was specifically not what Pro intended to debate. Con wins on a technicality due to the lack of any argument given by Pro.
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