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sports cars are dangerous

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Started: 5/10/2018 Category: Cars
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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sports cars are dangerous and should be driven with extreme caution, especially teenagers because not only are teenagers unexperienced at driving but when they do drive they tend to show off. According to many studies done by the IIHS HLDL (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute),"No matter what they drive, teenagers are more likely than drivers their parents' age to crash. The extra risk is amplified for teens on motorcycles and in sports cars, a new analysis shows." In an article by Motorlogy, a newspaper website for cars, on November 17, 2011, it is stated that "When you're riding a motorcycle or driving a sports car, there's a greater temptation to go fast and show off," says Kim Hazelbaker, senior vice president of HLDI, an Institute affiliate. "Teenagers are probably more susceptible to that than experienced drivers." By saying this they explain that not only would a teenager want to show off driving a car at high speeds but they would more do so with those that are sports cars which is dangerous because many sports cars surpass 160 mph and an inexperienced teenager would find it difficult to control a car at that speed. In the same article, it is also stated that "Midsize sports cars have the third-highest ratio of teen to prime-age-driver claim rates and the highest among automobiles. Their teen claim frequency of 14.9 is 2.5 times the rate for prime-age drivers". This shows that since again, teenagers are amateurs at driving they will find driving a sports car more complicated than a prime-aged driver.

Sports cars increase teen drivers' risk. (n.d.). Retrieved from


While it is true that a sports car has the potential to be dangerous, this fact holds true for any vehicle traveling at extremely high speeds. Sports cars are not dangerous because throughout the years there have been hundreds of tests for sports cars to be safe and continue to run more and more tests to make every single sports car as safe as it can be. According to an article on February 18, 2014, found on a website about cars which is a leading two-sided digital automotive marketplace, said that sports cars include features that help with control, like antilock brakes and electronic stability systems. These features allow sports cars to make sharp turns without falling over or falling off the side of the road as a truck or SUV would. This evidence supports my claim because it shows that sports cars have extra precautions and safety due to the amount of speed that these cars can reach. Also found on this website, there are now front, side, side curtain and knee airbags. Sports cars are becoming more equipped with extra safety, Instead of just one airbag for the driver and the passenger, in these cars, there are added airbags to ensure more safety to more parts of your body.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, each time sports cars are being enhanced with extra protection to further improve the driver's experience however sometimes you could have a sports car that is said to have an amazing rating in safety and be in a track that is meant to give the driver an incredible moment to remember and all that could fail. According to Jack Baruth, a former professional BMX racer, cycling instructor, and cycling/auto journalist, perhaps best known for writing the "One Racer's Perspective" and "BMX Basics" columns wrote in an article for R/T (Road and Track) on February 15, 2017, SpeedVegas is "had spent the time and money to create a purpose-built track for the "supercar experiences," one that was specifically optimized to reduce risk for drivers and instructors. I haven't driven the SpeedVegas track, but I've done an endurance race at the EXR facility and I have to say that I was very impressed. It would be hard to have a serious crash there; the track surface is surrounded with deep pea gravel. My race partner (and brother) Mark went off backwards into that gravel at maybe 90mph during our race; he came to a halt thirty feet off the track surface with nothing injured but his pride." but this did not change the fact that two people lost their lives driving a sports cars," a customer at "SpeedVegas" lost control and crashed the supercar he was driving. In the fire that followed the impact, both the customer and the SpeedVegas instructor in the right seat lost their lives. The name of the customer has not been released. The instructor was Gil Ben-Kely, a double cancer survivor who had made a career and a life coaching supercar renters in Las Vegas.". This evidence showed that no matter how much improvement are implemented in sports cars or in the track that it may be driven in, it will not change the fact that people will attempt to drive at 200 mph and end up with injuries that may lead to death.

Baruth, J. (2017, October 06). That "Supercar Experience" Could Be More Dangerous than You Think. Retrieved from


Though sports cars may be dangerous, that is just the car itself. The ability for a sports car to drive 200 mph is in control of the person actually driving the car. It is their choice to drive that fast and it is their choice as to if they want to drive a sports car. There are plenty of other cars that are not sports cars. Sports cars are not dangerous, they are simply a car that can become dangerous depending on the drive and their decisions/actions.
While most people think that driving a sports car is inherently dangerous, they are often the platform for which new safety technology is developed. According to protocars, an online newsletter by Jack Schmidt on July 28, 2016, this technology then makes its way into consumer vehicles. High tech suspension systems which allow a car"s wheels to move independently come from racing where it is imperative that all four wheels remain on the ground. New tire technology and better braking systems are also developed for fast cars first. Finally and perhaps most importantly, the roll cage, a system of metal tubing designed to protect race car drivers from being crushed in the case of an accident, has been modified in order to strengthen the structure of consumer cars. This evidence supports that sports cars are not dangerous because high tech technology is being produced specifically for sports cars to ensure that accidents do not happen as often if a driver gets into an accident.

Schmidt, Jack. "7 "Facts" About Sports Cars Everyone Thinks Are True." Proctor Cars Magazine, 28 July 2016,
Debate Round No. 2


In reality, everything that humans acquire is put on them, meaning that if accidents happen it should be blamed on them however it should not be completely blamed on them. Sports cars are meant to be fast, agile, and luxuries but those same things could be the reason why they become so dangerous, for example, many dogs were bred to fight making them dangerous however most people have them just because they wanted a dog like that, but when the dog becomes aggressive and attacks people is it completely the owner's fault? the same thing with guns, most people have them for protection but at the same time, it could cause that individual or someone else harm. Sports cars are meant to be fast but sometimes that goes against them, even with experienced drivers, According to Maria Bailey, a New York daily news journalist wrote in an article created on February 15, 2015, that " Britain's Princess Diana tragically died after suffering massive internal injuries in a high-speed car crash in Paris on Aug. 31, 1997. The Princess of Wales, 36, was fleeing the paparazzi when her chauffeur crashed into a concrete pillar head-on in the Place D'Alma underpass " the driver and her boyfriend, Harrods heir Dodi Fayed, also died at the crash scene." Chauffeurs are usually excellent drivers but when in a sports car that is going at high-speed anyone could fall victim to fatal car crashes. Sometimes the luxury of these type of cars could be what makes them dangerous, according to Nassim Benchaabane, a senior journalist of St. Louis today news on November 5, 2016, " Three Kansas City area teens were in custody Friday night after they and two other suspects allegedly stole four new sports cars from a St. Peters auto dealer." This could have turned violent if someone tried to stop them because apparently one of them was armed, not only this happened but they end up crashing the cars as well," The three attempted to flee in the cars they stole but made it less than a mile before they lost control of each of their vehicles and crashed, police say." This proves my argument because it shows how the luxury of having these cars made teens steal them and also could have been injured by the cars.

Benchaabane, N. (2016, November 05). Two Kansas City teens charged with stealing sports cars from St. Peters auto dealer. Retrieved from


To conclude, sports cars are not dangerous but the driver of theses vehicles are the main cause of the "danger", and many tests and studies are take place to ensure that these sports cars are safe as possible when being driven. Drivers are in control and they can choose to drive another car if they feel that sports car are to dangerous, but in reality the same exact thing will happen in another car, a car crash is a car crash, it does not matter what type of car you are in. According to Personal Injury News & Developments, published August 14, 2017 by Jonathan Rosenfeld, Michonne Proulx, Ethan Armstrong, having a "fast car" or a "traditional" car, the four factors that contribute to the vast majority of collisions are the following: Driver behavior, Poor roadway maintenance, Roadway design, Equipment failure. They found that more than 95% of car accidents are related to driver behavior in some way, related to the three factors previously stated. Even though drivers are quick to blame other drivers, equipment failure, and road conditions for possible accidents, and the primary cause is usually the behavior of the implicated driver. Aggressive driver behavior or excessive speed is always going to be more of a factor than the vehicle you are doing it in. This evidence supports my side of the argument because it provides elements and statistics as to why sports cars are not dangerous but the driver is the reason for dangerous activities to happen.

Rosenfeld, Jonathan, et al. "Does Driving a 'Fast' Car Put You at Risk For an Accident?" Personal Injury News & Developments, 14 Aug. 2017,
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
Too bad I couldn't vote!
Posted by nhause 3 years ago
my first car was a 1987 Porsche 944 it had no airbags, No abs, And no esc. I was 17 at the time and you know what happend? I drove the ever-living piss out of it, Driving at high speed through precarious mountain roads enjoying ever second of it, And you know what i'm a better driver for it. And I would argue that a sports car is the safest vehicle you can own since the center of gravity is kept low so you're unlikely to flip and you can more accurately control the vehicle. You may be thinking, "oh he doesn't have it anymore because he warped it around a tree". I've never crashed it, Sadly what killed it was poor teenager maintenance and 200000+ miles on the odometer. I might have been lucky, But I am still here and I know how to control my vehicle better than most people on the road who look at driving just as a means of transportation or a chore they have to do in they're boring people transporter. Sports cars are not dangerous, Uninterested and inexperienced drivers are dangerous.
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