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star wars vs star trek

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Started: 9/17/2015 Category: TV
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this is it what is better star wars vs star trek we all know them well but witch one as the better i will show you that star wars is better graphics aliens villeins and a better story line and is go though the history star wars has more of a movie record and star trek as a more of a tv record while they do both i will be pining the best to the best star trek original movies the first one to star wars a new hope graphics wise star wars has it Evan now with the new movie coming out aliens well i will give it to the trekes villeins star wars heroes i have to give it to star wars and over all star wars is better don't get me wrong i love star trek but its just that star wars is better over all


I think Star Trek is much better overall. The message of Star Trek is stronger than Star Wars. With ST, you have episodes dealing with racism [1], AIDS [2][3], philosophy of mind and rights [4], euthanasia [5][6][7] and much more. Star Wars paints a black and white picture of morality, whereas Star Trek often reveals shades of grey [8][9]. Having a TV record allows them to have a variety of stories. This is like the problem above, Star Wars is all about the Sith/Force/Jedi. It is one clear and common good v. evil trope [10]. Star Trek is about exploration, the TV format allows them to have a variety of enemies, problems, and characters. The TV format also allows for deeper character development.

Effects wise, maybe Star Wars does beat early Star Trek when comparing it to older films. Although, those movies aren't suppose to have big space wars like Star Wars does.

With Star Wars, there's doubt that the prequels were originally conceived. There seems to be a lot of mistakes in the retconning, which create plot holes [12].

I conclude that Star Trek is philosophically superior, has a better amount of stories, better character development, and less problems with its retconning.

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Posted by Rami 3 years ago
I don't think Trollerpro is going to ever post. He joined three days ago and that was the last time he was one.
Posted by Rami 3 years ago
An all-out war. But, I REALLY know nothing about Star Trek. I don't know anything about Star Trek.
Posted by n7 3 years ago
Battle as in who would win in a space battle? You'd have to specify who in star trek, as there are a multitude of combatants. I'd think the Borg or Dominion would do the best. The Federation might win, but I'm not sure.
Posted by Rami 3 years ago
I'd want to do a Star Wars vs Star Treck in battle, but I feel like I don't know enough about Star Trek.
Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
Can you directly BSH1 to this debate first. I bet he'd make an interesting opponent. His Avatar is even StarTrek related.
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