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stop restricting the american netflix from other people

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Started: 3/5/2018 Category: Places-Travel
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So im from a part of Europe that geographically restricts me from watching the american netflix, but i was able to a few years ago. this is really irritating because now there are some shows i cant watch no matter what. this feels like racism, discrimination (if theyre doing this intentionally). If it IS intentional then please, let us watch the american netflix. But if its not then ok.


I thank my opponent for posting this, for I think this is an interesting topic. I personally think Netflix wants people to be happy with their content, and to not be offended. A show such as The Indian Detective may not be available to users in India because of its view on the Indian police and people. They may also restrict shows because of the show's producers only wanting it in America. There have also been several shows about American politics, which may confuse and startle viewers who don't know the whole story. These are just some of the reasons why Netflix isn't allowing you to watch your favorite american shows. I hope you find another way to watch them.
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The show im trying to watch is Family Guy, but i can barely watch it without the American Netflix. And ya know thats barely about politics. Its just comedy, i miss being able to watch those old episodes. I really feel like Netflix is discriminating against me by taking this show away from me.
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