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students from grade 1-8 should be allowed to fail

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Started: 11/4/2013 Category: Education
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no they should not my brother could not read until grade three for example because he had dyslexia and he would have failed grades 1 and 2 if this was true


Especially Your brother is an example of unique situation, thus, We can not judge only by the problem Your family has.
In general, the opportunity to fail for students from grades 1-8 will serve as a motivation for them to study and for the parents to pay more attention over the process of studying.
Even the fact of that children will know They can fail forces Them to study harder and to feel the answer of why should They study good much more better.
Talking about an extraordinary cases, such as Yours, I think that children with dyslexia should take a bit another system of education with an especial individual approach.
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