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technology should take place of teachers at school

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Started: 10/7/2013 Category: Education
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no i dont think that a teacher should be replaced by the latest technology that has made human life easy. a teacher at school is not just preparing you for some sort of small examinations such that we give at school instead they prepare us for the world we have to face ahead. the term teacher is a very meaningful word and we should not consider a teacher only teaching bookish knowledge but they are also our spiritual teachers and no matter how advance the technology becomes the glorious personality of a teacher cannot be replaced.


I am not even sure what this is but I think con is arguing that teachers should not be replaced with technology. I am not sure whether I am pro or con for this issue as I have never really come across it before, but for the sake of arguing I shall accept.

My arguments:

Teachers are annoying: Not really a good argument I know but nevertheless I shall use it. During my adolescent existence I have never once met a teacher that was not annoying, I have come across children who's learning has been disrupted by the teachers, not themselves. Teachers possess many qualities that could be described "annoying" to a pupil, such as an annoying voice or bad breath, a computer on the other hand would not possess such tendencies and would not distract pupils from learning.

Teachers are biased: This is true, many teachers have personal preferences, they often pick out children who have misbehaved in the past and always assume that they are to blame for the present situation, however if a computer was to take control then it would not have personal preference like a human teacher would. So all disputes and problems would be resolved, and not one guilty individual would go unpunished.

Computers have the internet: The internet is the biggest source of information on earth, it outranks the human mind significantly and would be able to give much more in-depth and correct lessons in the process. Having the internet in computers to teach children would be a lot easier than researching things from textbooks.

Teachers could become sick/Quit/spontaneously die: A human teacher could call in sick (Or lie about being sick) Or a teacher may quit, or a teacher may get hit by a bus, a computer on the other hand would do none of these things (The worse that could happen would be that a computer might break, but they are easily repaired) With a computer there would be no need for supply teachers, or lessons being cancelled.

Debate Round No. 1


A computer is a devise devote of any feelings and passion, how exactly would it convince a student to come and study o it? whereas on the other hand we have a sentient being that can convince and motivate you for choosing wisely and giving you a fear of not doing certain things such as misbehaving in the class room, guiding and preparing you for your future.

A computer though being the main source of knowledge to men is also the most distracting machine men has ever invented and as far as the internet is concerned i think that there as certain sites such as Facebook and Twitter that are great distractions to a student while they are studying and without the supervision of a human eye on them they would never bother searching for knowledge as the age when we are students (esp teenage) is the age when we are least interested about our future, it is the teacher that helps you realize that what you are doing is completely wrong.

Computers are electronic devises, the will consume electric energy and none of us ever wants to run out of electricity, the less we consume, the better.

A teacher can make a student work harder when they are strict where as a computer can never make you do so, a teacher is not annoying, what we feel annoying today will be for the betterment of our future and some day we will realize that a teachers annoying voice or feeling was for our best and as far as the distraction of a teacher is concerned, a teacher can easily bring you back on track but what about a computer? can it do that?

A teacher's talk after lesson can also make you relax but the computer can only make your head feel a burden on your shoulders, hence i believe that the inventor of technology (teacher) can not be replaced by its own invention.


I shall continue.

Computers will not violate rules: On the off chance a teacher may break the school rules, or classroom conduct E.G Teaching the wrong module or giving out inappropriate punishments. A computer would not break such rules, and would ensure that the school had an excellent teacher conduct record.

Computers could be programmed to act like a human teacher would: con has argued that "the glorious personality of a teacher cannot be replaced" However a computer could mimic human behaviour to the point of being able to communicate and sustain conversations with students, the computer could be programmed to become as fluent as a human teacher, just without the annoying disciplinary lectures, or the excessive ramblings about their personal life (as far as I know computers do not have personal lives)

A computer would not interject their own opinion into lessons: I have witnessed on numerous occasions teachers inputting their own point of view into topics, supply teachers especially. A computer would be programmed to teach very specific lessons, and since a computer runs what is has been programmed to run there would be no such interjections.

It would not be environmentally unfriendly: As opposed to a human who would use a car, which would damage the environment and pollute the air significantly more that a computer using electricity would. On the other hand computers are able to run off solar energy as seen here The solar power would make for a better carbon footprint and would use less resources than a human.

Debate Round No. 2


yes i agree computers cant violate rules but that is a fact that neither can they impose any and the free will given to a student will make him study less and concentrate on useless things much more than they will ever concentrate on studies.

when we talk of studies, socialism is one of them and once a student gets on computer they would never bother looking above the screen and they wont even realize how much of the society they are missing in which they have to fit if they want to lead a happy and successful life. family and friends are not given anytime and with the passage of time it causes addiction that can even result in death and as far as only studies are concerned a student will be the one to control it and they would not mind having more fun on it during class instead of studying.

punishments are really necessary for a teenage especially because all they care about in this age is having fun and they dont care about studies at all and no rules and punishments would create no fear of anyone and they can ruin their whole lives staying behind the computer screen.

raising your opinion is no crime, everyone has their own opinion and if some one wont raise their opinion in front of students how will they be able to get an opinion of their own even in all the researches that have been done on history for example, archaeologists are giving their opinion and are they are mentioned in every thing that a student might search for.

then their are certain activities that a computer might plan but without the supervision of a human teacher the student will never bother doing those activities.

a computer has to be programmed by a person and that person might make some sort of mistake or the students themselves may do experiments on the computer making it get stuck or simply useless, a supervision is always required which a computer is unable to do.


I shall finish

Computers are never unreasonable: A computer has no capacity for negative reasoning, so it would never give a pupil unnecessary work, or difficult assignments . A computer would simply give the proper amount of work, no more, no less.

Computers are fun: Yes computers are fun to use, and they have a variety of games to play. A computer could provide educational games for a class to play that are beneficial, not just telling them to be quiet, or calling off "sick"

School is for learning: At the end of the day school is for learning, not having a laugh or idling time, though people do tend to do those things on a regular basis. A teacher would possibly lack discipline and just allow students to skip work.

Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro admits to using bad arguments.
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Reasons for voting decision: The resolution was clear enough, "technology should take the place of teachers" and Con began "i dont think that a teacher should be replaced." Pro narrowly escaped a hernia straining to make up opposing arguments. There was not much back-and-forth argument, with both sides leaving arguments unanswered. I think Pro did not respond adequately to Con's arguments for the teacher conveying personality, motivating, and punishing misbehavior. interactive nature of teachers. Pro argued that computers could have personality and are unbiased, and that teachers are always annoying but he gave no warrant for those claims beyond his opinion. Those claims are doubtful on their fact; computers are now lifeless and reflect the biases of their programmers, and obviously not all teachers are annoying. Con confused "socialism" with "socialization" and made the annoying error of not capitalizing. Both debaters should focus on giving better point-by-point rebuttals.