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Term Limits

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Started: 12/12/2007 Category: Politics
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As a Representative Republic, we need term limits for all our elected representatives in order to allow the peoples' power of determining their leaders.
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Posted by robouryman 2 years ago
Can jerkoffs stop accepting challenges and leaving lol
Posted by politicsfortherun 2 years ago
i"ve done a research project on term limits and why i believe they should exist. Here"s your proof from judges:
Chief Justice John Roberts:Setting a term of, Say, 15 years would ensure that federal judges would not lose all touch with reality through decades of ivory tower existence. It would also provide a more regular and greater degree of turnover among the judges.

Justice Sandra Day O"Connor:Because it is an unfortunate fact of life that physical and mental capacity sometimes diminish with age, The people may wish to replace some older judges in order to satisfy the legitimate, Indeed compelling, Public interest in maintaining a judiciary fully capable of performing judges" demanding tasks.

Justice Antonin Scalia:You always wonder whether you"re losing your grip and whether your current opinions are not as good as your old ones.

Justice Clarence Thomas:It"s one of the hard parts of being on the court, Watching what happens to your colleagues as time goes by. I"ve always said that the hard part was watching your colleagues get older and pass away.

Justice Stephen Breyer:If there were a long term " 18, 20 years, Something like that " I"d say that was fine. In fact, It"d make my life a lot simpler, To tell you the truth.
Posted by Lookingatissues 3 years ago
Ask Those politicians who have been in office for decades if they think term limits was a good idea or not.
They came to Washington to do good and stayed to do well. . . For themselves.
The Big Apple: "They came to do good and stayed to do well. . .
www. Barrypopik. Com/index. Php/new_york_city/entry/they_came_to_do. . .

An old saying of Washington, D. C. , Is that a politician or a bureaucrat "came to do good and stayed to do well. " In other words, The individual came to do good (for others), But stayed to do well (for himself or herself) with a well-paid lobbying job or other perk of the position. The saying has been cited in print since at least 1967.
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