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the NCAA ought to represent student athletes as employees under the fair labor standards act

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Started: 12/11/2017 Category: Sports
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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why should a college not feel a need to pay back these athletes with all they aare doing and allthey are helping economically for the school.


Hey there! I guess the reason for not doing it is that student athletes still spend not enough time to be called professional sportsmen and later become emplyees.
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i get where your interpreting it, but you have to understand these athletes have a minimum of 38 hours a week and the max is 40, so how could they not be spending enough time,
for this case if you were to say anything to negate me , you would have to find information about the distribution in funds for the resolution in which is in discussion.
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Posted by wflo 3 years ago
The NCAA should pay their players. Student athletes bring in millions of dollars at large universities every year and make no money off of their own talent. Universities sell their players jerseys and names every year but the players themselves don't make any profit. The NCAA refusing to pay their players has lead to some backlash against their sports. For example, college basketball has more "one and dones" now than ever before because players want to go to the NBA where they can get paid. This has brought the quality of play way down. Also, this has made it hard for fans to follow the sport when their favorite team gets an entirely new roster every year. Some players like Emmanuel Mudiay have decided to play in China, where they can get paid, instead of in the NCAA before entering the NBA. Playing sport in college is like a full-time job for the students who choose to participate, and the players should be compensated as such. However, the issue comes in how to give equal treatment to all student athletes and not just the ones that get the biggest spotlight. I think that all players should be paid a percentage of what their sport brings in. I respect that woman's swimmers work just as hard as football players, but football players bring way more money into their schools. Players should be paid a percentage of the money that they bring in to their schools. This also gives an advantage to large schools with large fanbases from a recruiting standpoint, but the players deserve to be paid for their efforts. Overall, the NCAA should pay their players if they want to elevate the level of their sport and to treat the players fairly.
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