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the US should preemptively attack n korea

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Started: 8/9/2017 Category: Politics
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the US should preemptively attack north korea

it's inevitable that they will eventually perfect their rocket technology and get more nukes. we should strike sooner than later because it's better than waiting till they have more power and leverage, as they are not fit to have hundreds of nukes and be able to take the world hostage. it would cause one of the worst humanitarian problems ever, but it's better than losing LA and NY to nukes.


I'm against preemptive strike on North Korea. Why because if the US strike first, it would look very bad on the US part on the international community. Russia and China would not accept this out come. The US will be risking a war not with just the North Korea, but with China, with relations with China is stress already. That's why most if not all of the US generals are against preemptive strike. That not to mention South Korea and Japan would lose so many lives, in a US, North Korea war. The only reason I'm against this is because China and Russia, and even Pakistan have nukes. Which one of these countries have used them, none. Russia and China are a greater threat to US policy and to the world security. I say let North Korea have them. Because if and when they do have them, it not going to use them, just like why China and Russia haven't use them. If the North did use them, the US would destroy them, plus then the whole world would unit against them. Even China would go against the North if it strike first. It's important to know the North would only use them if attack first, just like any other countries that's have nukes.
Debate Round No. 1


con says to be weary of china and russia. they are self interested and would not be interested in a war. they haven't expressed that they would be if we attacked, and it doesn't make sense that they would. theyd much rather let us fight it out and try to deal with any conseqences the two sides going to war would cause.

con says we should just let them have nukes and only attack if and when they attack us. the problem, is they could have hundreds of nukes eventually, and a first attack would be much more lethal than a preemptive attack when they are much weaker.

does on a tangent also mentions that most generals are against attacking. the thing is maybe we should postpone when we attack, but when you back people into a corner of the inevitable, most would probably not rule it out and be forced to conclude that it might be best.

also trump has said and clear it is true, that he knows more than teh generals. lolz
though he did use my reasoning in an interview a long time ago about n korea.


First of all China does have a huge role in this North Korea and US crisis. China does not want the US in Korea period. You need to understand the history of Korea and china, and the President does not seem like he is understanding what China position is. Why you think China have over 100,00 china troops on the boarder of north Korea and china, why you think they just had a huge navy drill over the Korea seas this pass week. China want peace in the Korea peninsula, not war. So if the US strike first, who side is China going to be on, it not on the US side. Look at the last Korea war the US help the south and China help the north. it no different what is happening now. China have other reasons why there going against the US it's the trade policy, because trump threaten to have a trade war with China. Another part of the world we have India and China threatening war with each other. So guess who side the US will be taking it not China. So there is alot of reason why china going to be helping the North if they are attack first. Another problem is China having a very good partnership with Russia, and what would Russia do if things get out of hand, that is to help China.
My other reason is let have the North have Nukes, because there will not use them. unless the US attack them first. Like I said before other countries have nukes and are there using them or will they. The answer is no unless they are attack first. The US miss they chance 15 years ago to attack the North, with not as many lives were at risk. Back then the North was much weaker, not as much anymore. Now with the North having the missiles they have now. If war happens it will be a catastrophe in the area, not just for the North but the South and Japan. That's another reason why we need the south and Japan ok on a first strike. But even the south and Japan would not want the US use a first strike, because so many lives would be gone. Oh yea trump don't know about war, he never when to war or had anyone he knows gone to war. so the generals actually been to war and have a better idea of what would happen. That's why most of them say there want another way not war.
Debate Round No. 2


you mention that china has troops around korea. that's only because they dont want their people in china and because korea is unstable. china has not mentioned a word about wanted to militarily defend korea, and no one ever talks about it. this is all a novel idea brought up by con.

so i take it you think kim is just bluffing, and that he will continue to do so even when he has hundreds of nukes? you're so confident in that assessment that you're willing to sacrifice millions of americans' lives if you're wrong?


"The Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty is a treaty signed on July 11, 1961 between North Korea and the People's Republic of China." this is a treaty with the north korea and china. Do you know why it's important? It because china would protect them if there were attack first. That's why china help them in the first korea war. With the US helping the south. So history have alot of importance, we need to understand it, so in the future we don't do the same mistakes. The Chinese government has issues hundreds of warning to the US, not to attack the North. Why would they be so concern, if they wasn't going to do anything. They even said if the US attack there would be catastrophe, why would the Chinese go to great longs to issues such strong warning to the US. Like i said before the north would not attack first, why because kim un would like to stay in power, in get killed. He not ad dumb as the media like to make it to be. Russia and china have thousands of nukes, did they use one? No, why because there would get destroy. The same will go with the north. Oh yea, did you know if we attack first how many hundreds of thousands of lives would be lose. Just in the first couple of days. Oh did you remember what happen in Iraq? Over 10 years in there, with millions of lives lost. Iraq wasn't a good idea, and attacking the north would be worse. Like i said kim not crazy to attack first. But we would be if the US does.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Although this debate was almost in it's entirety one man's foreign policy opinion vs another mans foreign policy opinion, Con gave the only factual and verifiable information that would give pros opinion of a preemptive strike position some cause for concern. Quote from debate: "The Sino-North Korean Mutual Aid and Cooperation Friendship Treaty is a treaty signed on July 11, 1961 between North Korea and the People's Republic of China." this is a treaty with the north korea and china. Do you know why it's important? It because china would protect them if there were attack first. " Con also provided a source while pro provided none.

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