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the drinking age should not be lowered to 18

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Started: 5/19/2014 Category: Politics
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a very common argument in favor of lowering it, is that if you are old enough to serve in the military you should be old enough to drink. i can see the logic that the two should go together, but it doesn't necessarily follow that the age should be lowered. more like, the age to enlist should be raised.
many if not most who join the military are being taken advantage of due to their youthful naivette and lack of options. if they required the age be later, maturity would deter many. (among other committments they make, sure). also, at that age, ddeaths and harm is extremely common due to these folks. as the age raises w maturity, the problems decrease.
basically, at the age of 18 most kids are mature enough.


First off, I'm glad to have of made your friendship. Second off, kids are already drinking well before theyre 21, some kids even start. Drinking as early as middle school, so if the age was lowered maybe that would give kids a little more reason to wait a bit to drink.
The drinking age in Canada is 19, kids who want to drink legally always go to Canada to get liquor. Its just like medica marijuana, all the law is doing is making it harder for people to get it. But if kids were allowed to do it and there parents said ok to the idea of drinking, then kids wont defy there parents and drink because its cool, which will lead to them not getting there friends to drink which would lead to less drinking in schools if we lower the age to drink. But maybe we raise the penaltys for driving drunk and underage drinking.
Im not going to start on the reasons why we should raise the age of enlisting people in the military since i agree with you but for a different reason.
But for the parents who already agree with letting there kids drink early, all they want is to be with there kid while they drink. Which is fine except for the fact that most kids drink with their buddies first. Whether that be at a college party or at friends house
Tobacco and ciggarets are ruining peoples lives just as much as alchohol is. But that age is 18. So what that means is that we are telling kids its ok to chew spit or smoke, but its not ok to have one light beer on a sunday with your dad. That is propostureous.
Debate Round No. 1


the fact kids are drinking early anyway doesn't mean we should lower the drinking age. it has nothing to do with their matrity being the best predicate for the age to drink.
con says lowering the age will reduce the mystique and so kids wont drink. i see no evidence of this. id suppose kids will drink when they are +*** well wanting to, but that doesnt mean we should lower it to meet them at their level.

if it's propostureous to allow smoking and not drinking, that doesn't mean we should lower the drinking age. if anything, that means we should raise the smoking age. there is a maturity issue with choosing to smoke as well afterall. this is similar to the military thing... things should coincide better, but just because they dont doesnt mean we should lower the age, it means they should coindice at teh point of maturity.


So from what you have told me, your biggest concern is that kids aren't mature enough to choose decisions such as smoking, drinking, etc. so your quick and simple solution is to just raise the drinking age and whatever you feel kids need mire time to decide on.
But, instead of just taking an easy way out, we could take the time to teach kids when they're young, that there is plenty if time to make a decision and you can always say no to things such as drugs and alcohol. Maybe in the next ten years the drinking age can be lowered. The question is, is it worth taking that time to teach the kids?
Hell yes, beer has brought people together for hundreds of years, and what I'm talking about is the one or two beer maximum. Not getting wasted. Liquor symbolizes people talking, becoming friends, and feeling good for a little bit. Besides, if beer is enough to ruin a life for a 19 year old, then why is Canada doing so well. Are you saying that we should raise the drinking age in Canada too.
So I leave you to think about this question, and choose your answer to this question wisely. What should the drinking age be raised to.
Debate Round No. 2


at best you are arguing that we should change our culture. perhaps after our culture is changed we can consider lowering the drinking age. but it's not changed. i've heard from plenty of people in other countries with lower ages, that their culture is different than ours, and what works there won't necessarily work here. we then must take things as they are, and that means not lowering the drinking age.

it's not like we dont try to discourage poor behavior etc as it is now. lowering the age isn't going to do anything to change any of this. you can just lower hte age and say 'ok everyone this is how we will try to chane the culture now.'
con is putting the cart before the horse and being unrealisitic.


I'm not trying to say that we need to change our culture. What I'm saying is we need to change ourselves in this ever changing world. Besides, the legal drinking age in the us wasn't raised until "On April 14, 1982, President Reagan established the Presidential Commission Against Drunk Driving (PCDD)."( which shows that before 1982 there was a lower drinking age than twenty one. During which time, America fought WWll, got through the great depression, and the Korean war. Which shows that society didn't go down in flames because of the lower drinking age. In fact, you could say that America was better while the drinking age was lower. During that time of a lower drinking age, America went through one of its greatest generations ever.
Also, it us not putting the cart before the horse, if I'm trying to restore America back to its original form. Just like before europeans came to America and then slaves happened and now there gone again. Of course this topic is on a much smaller scale than that.
Also, why did you avoid my question of what the legal drinking age should be. Is it that you are scared or that you don't have an answer to the question.
So if i have presented enough evidence to show that the drinking age in America should be lowered, then us Americans must show this evidence to the white house.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 27376 7 years ago
It was a goddamn tie! How funny is that.
Posted by schachdame 7 years ago
Quite right socratis, but the statistic does not say whether it involves the Alcohol - tourism we have. We are not fully responsible for the Visitors that come here and kill themselves, yet they appear on our criminal statistics
Posted by socratits 7 years ago

Germany is 20th in most alcohol related deaths.

France is 17th.
Posted by schachdame 7 years ago
I am Bavarian and we consider Beer and some Cider as legally appropriate from the age of 16. I have the feeling that this leads to a developing relationship with alcohol (as the "hard" stuff is allowed when you are 18) which means that people generally have a healthier relationship to alcohol: It's neither glorified nor bedeviled. But as a country like the US clearly lacks the traditional concept around it, I am not sure how this is representative .
The abuse of alcohol links for me directly to the question whether there is culture that teaches you a responsible consume of alcohol. Like Beer in Germany, Wine has a long tradition in France - these cultures consume a lot of their local "drink" overall but they are less likely to participate in binge-drinking-events that have the sole purpose of getting drunk as hell.

Means: alcohol and culture are linked.
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