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the judgement of anubis

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Started: 5/22/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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soda isnt money, holes in my teeth is money.. gods judgement is negative emotional consequence or attachment.. for your heart has been weighed

if a feather can not make you pause your tv.. you go to hell

the weakness of my power is my need for energy.. for what is my power without energy.. a stone tablet as but a stone.. a low battery..

forfitting the energy i get from my habbit to non existence.. offer to the gods.. pause the tv


Well Vi_spex buddy, as are all your debates, this one is pure nonsense, but I have time to kill, and feel like having a bit of fun right now. Besides, all my serious debates get one to zero votes, so what does it really matter?

Soda=$1.52 at the corner market. Soda equals a monetary amount, therefore soda equals money. Soda is, in fact, money.

The holes in your teeth cost money, just like soda, which probably created the holes. The soda pours over your teeth like chainsaws, and the dentist pokes and scrapes at your teeth. He tortures you. You are a masochist, because you pay him to torture you. He smiles, because he sees money in the holes of your teeth. So yes, the holes in your teeth is money, but only for the dentist.

The judgement of gods falls into the holes in your teeth.

My heart was indeed weighed, but I tracked Frankenstein down, and got it back. He was interested in your teeth, but I told him they had holes in them, and he changed his mind.

I have already gone to hell, for I cannot locate the remote ... the feather is lonely.

If you need energy, then why do you wonder what your power is without energy? I mean, wouldn't your body already be answering that question?

A stone tablet doesn't require batteries, so it doesn't matter of the battery is low. I suppose you could always attach the battery to yourself somehow, to get some energy. On the brighter side, since the battery is low, the result won't be too shocking. Of course, if your gave up your non-existence habit, you wouldn't have an energy problem to begin with. You can offer your habit to the gods if you want to, but I don't think they want it.

I can't pause the TV. I haven't turned it on yet ... still can't find the remote.
Debate Round No. 1


money isnt necessary for soda to exist

also the coke maker gets money

dont get the next parts you wrote



Money makes soda, but soda doesn't make the feather pause my TV.

The coke maker hides in the shadows. When you're not looking, he steals your remote.

Your teeth are chattering, and grinding your money to dust. Quick, drink some soda.
Debate Round No. 2


Frankenstein changed his mind again; he's looking for you.

Hide your brain, and quit licking it. There isn't much left.

Anubis is the tootsie roll center of the universe.

This debate=Pharaoh farts.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Kyle_the_Heretic 2 years ago
Just as I suspected.

I'll talk to Frankenstein.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
i dont have a brain
Posted by Meropenem777 2 years ago
you need to drink bleach to understand vi_spex
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
yea you wont get it
Posted by Omniscient_Debater 2 years ago
@Rawk he has apparently been doing this for a year, don't bother.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
i am me
Posted by I_Wanna_Rawk 2 years ago
Stop. This isn't the place for stupid trolls like you.
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Reasons for voting decision: It's a troll debate, so I can make a troll vote.
Vote Placed by Kreakin 2 years ago
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