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the only perfect political system is anarchy

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Started: 8/24/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Anarchy is the most perfect form of social governance that could ever be implemented. 'every man for himself', 'land and history unto the victor'. Anarchy is the natural order of society as every other form of governance places the lives of its people in the hands of an elect or inherent representative(s). Obviously any form of governance affects hundreds of factors in an individual's life and the society's structure so to keep the debate as concise and comprehensive as possible the different sectors of humanitarian structure shall be categorised as - infrastructure -ex- shelter and transportation , sustenance -ex- food and water, entertainment -ex- art and religion, environment -ex- pollution and biodiversity, development -ex- education.


In anarchy, people are too scared to be creative ,as they fear of being legally killed by anyone. At least in a dictatorship, there are laws against murder.
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Posted by mcmjuly 1 year ago
First of all, Anarchy does not mean a society without "rules" It means a society without government. Government has made sure that anarchy is the most misunderstood word in the world. (I would assume so they can keep their money grubbing hands on your wallet and controlling everything you do). I know you've all seen the symbol for anarchy which is an "A" with a circle around it. Do you know what the circle represents? It is an O and it stands for ORDER. See how that propaganda brainwashed you into thinking Anarchy was chaos.....
And for everyone who thinks people are bad and they only behave because of man made laws, I would say then why would create a system that gives guns and a monopoly on force and let them control you? Anarchists do believe in law....natural law.
Posted by DrCereal 2 years ago
What? No.
Posted by TheUnexaminedLife 2 years ago
Anarchism as a political system is an internally inconsistent idea: a system suggests some form of order, whilst anarchism advocates the deconstruction of such order.
Posted by Austryker 2 years ago
For this first round are you waiting for someone to make a case against you before retaliating against them? Or do you intend to allow them to accept it and post a message of acceptance before you make your first case.
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