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the validity of transsexuality and identification

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Started: 4/12/2017 Category: Society
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I was walking down a sidewalk and found myself behind a boy who dressed like a girl and holding hands with a girl who was dressed like a girl. Obviously for me to make any assumptions (which i guess I already have.. sorry!) about that particular situation is wrong, but it did spark this question in my mind: If a person who was born a male and has a sex change to female has sexual relations with a person who was born female and is still female, who if anyone, is gay? I believe that the female is gay because she is not having sex with a partner with a penis, but the boy who now is female is in fact straight because he was born a male, therefore he is having sex with the opposite organ of which he was born to. Thought are appreciated though!


This can be taken into two contexts: one, if the person born male is a transvestite, and two, if they are transgender. Transvestism is simply a lifestyle choice to dress as the opposite gender; if the male is a transvestite, he only chooses to dress as a woman, and this has no effect on his sexuality and gender, which would make him straight in this instance.

If the person is transgender, she was born with the body of a male, but with similar internal chemical structure to a female, making their gender female. Transgenders often choose to dress as the gender they are transitioning to before they make the full biological transition. In this case, it would make the transgender female a lesbian.
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
gay=pedophile=eating to much candy=eating unnecessary amounts of food=bisexual
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