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then n-word is just as bad as any other swear word

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Started: 1/16/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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nigger has too much power and i would say is more racist toward white people in this modern day because they say it and there career could be ruined. but if you say faggot, bitch, or cracker. no one is trying to take their carrier away.
why does nigger have such power over society


This word has power over society, as you said, because of the meaning and use of the word itself, not just because it is a swear word. This was used to treat and degrade black slaves down to nothing, to property basically. Those other curse words are just curse words. But the n-word has so much history to it and was used in abuse. That makes it more than a curse word, as it is used racistly. It also cant be racist toward white people because when they say it, they say it in a racist way. If you are a minority, would you want someone who is racist and will disregard your views to make decisions for you?
Debate Round No. 1


thank you for repying and I do want to make it clear that I don't use this word nor intend to

"But the n-word has so much history to it and was used in abuse." so was faggot but no one cares now in fact faggot was worse because they could be killed if someone knew that. bitch is another example of this. my main reason is though is that people want to not have racism but they give one word such power to do this. the word should be treated the same as faggot or bitch.
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