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these are good points in making sense out of the problem of suffering

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Started: 5/12/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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it is often argued that God doesn't exist or doesnt care, due to the problem of suffering. evil acts can be explained by free will and people's wills infringing on others. but why that is so, and mostly i'm looking at why natural suffering exists like being born in pain or dying in pain due to disease.

i admit this is a tough philosophical problem.

here are some ways i reconcile this with a loving God:

-first, it's important to note that i do not argue that we are being punished for being sinful, as some traditionally argue.
1. we are born in the condition where we belong. we are sinful, by our nature, so we only have so much of his nature to sustain us. without all of it, there are problems, including pain. we are imperfect pictures. we can will ourselves in God's light and move on into a better picture. so this is to say.... can't God fix our situation? no, he can't force it. just like God can't lie, God can't do something to us that our vibrations don't allow. the science of our situation is set, and God tends not to meddle in science.
2. for the less than innocent, it might be seen as maybe permissible to allow pain. but for the most innocent, how could God allow that? id argue that if they were so great, they would want to be put into an existence with the possiblity of pain, so they could spread the news of God's love and help bring the problems to an end. plus even the most innocent are sinners, and are where they belong. Jesus also said that the man born blind did nothing to deserve it, just that his condition will help glorify God when he can one day see again.
3. if you were to ask almost anyone, would they rather never live or live a somewhat pained life, almost everyone would say live anyway. there is an extremely small fraction that would say never live, especially for extreme situtations of suffering. but i could only chaulk that up to demonstrating that we are put here to conincide with the level of God's light in us. without it all, we have problems, and pain.
4. if you look into physics, there are relativistic type theories that say our life is fleeting, and in reality could be seen to have occurred in the blink of an eye. i've looked into the theories and it makes sense, if the theories are true. this points out that it's almost a dream, that our life may be pained, but it's really of extremely little consequence in the bigger picture. this is my weakest argument, cause it is still a philosphical problem of some consequence.
5. "the reason bad exists, is because bad does. you can't have one without the other."
6. felix cupla. the sin of Adam viewed as fortunate, because it brought about the blessedness of the Redemption. "oh happy fault, which merited for us so great a redeemer"

i concede my biggest weakness is that God even allows any of this stuff to begin with. which is why i still struggle with the point. but, God can only allow for what coincides with our inherent nature and free will decisions.
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Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
God does nothing, because god can do nothing. If god can do anything, what is it that god can do?
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