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this person should be tortured

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Started: 5/10/2013 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Bob colluded with terroist groups around the country. Bob wants the US to leave Afghanistan and their terror groups won't stop until the US complies. every other day, the groups of terrorists will rape, torture, and kill a group of ten women with their children in US cities, towns, etc. Bob is in custody of the US. he knows the city and two women who will be chosen each time. He predicts that in two days the women will be chosen from X city. this happens a few times thus establishing Bob almost surely knows future events too. After the deed, he discloses the names of the women he knew who would be involved. no one is able to communicate to Bob, so Bob shows that he knows the city and names in advance, in his own mind.
there are no ways to give this information to Bob, Bob is in sealed custody. Bob has the knowledge to prevent known people from getting raped tortured and killed. He likely has the information to capture the perpetrators.
Bob should be tortured to acquire the information, for at the very least the names of the people he knows will be involved. there's no other way to get the info, and it's the moral thing to do, to torture bob, when there's no other ways to get the info, and all other tactics with Bob have not worked .
eg, rough interrogation, roughing him up, softer torture like waterboarding etc.


I gratefully accept this debate on the issue of torture.
No I don't think this man should be tortured even though he is the scum of the earth for letting those terrible things happen we shouldn't sink to their level. Also torture simply doesn't work, because think about it if you are determined to keep something a secret and somebody is torturing you, you're probably going to lie. Another reason not tho torture this man is we as a country don't want to look bad, because if Afghanistan ever gets it together and we want to be allies with them they probably wont because we tortured their citizens.
I look forward to the rest of the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


"we shouldn't sink to their level"

if you wanted to argue that it's inherently wrong to torture them, that is one thing. you seem to go on though with practical reasons why we shouldn't do it.
but if htose practical reasons can be overcome.... why not go ahead with it? you haven't said it's wrong even then.

but as to the practical points. first you say "torture simply doesn't work" but then go on to say "pobably going to lie". which means that even according to you, there's a chance they won't lie, and thus a chance it will work. in this case, we next to know that they know the information. and we can test the information they give to determine the accuracy.
if a guy who clearly knows the info lies, we can torture until he tells. if the person knows the info, i'd argue they will probably tell to avoid torture. most wouldnt want torture instead of saving some women etc.

you also say afghanistan etc would no longer be our allie if they ever get off their feet. real countries wouldn't hold grudges about specific people who killed or did wrong to other people. they'd just look out for the economic bottomline. that's how china, india, etc is with the USA. you can have people killing each other and the worst that might happen is economic sanctions, not a lack of relationship. even those sanctions probably won't happen w just a few bad apples.
most would understand the need or issue of torturing someone even if it's their citizen, if that person is allowing tons of people to die.
it doesn't make enough sense that it'd actually happen that they would disown us.

if the person knows the info.. most people wouldn't be against torturing them until they give the info. most people wouldn't be against that. if you can stop tons of women and children from being tortured and killed... you assume the responsibility if we decide to torture you for your lack of candor. you'll be tortured till it seems you dont know, or till you tell.
if the person keeps showing that they know, they pobably know, and we'll torture until or if they spill the beans. my guess is they would, but even if they woudn't... it was worth a shot.

all your practical concerns aren't valid enough.


When torturing somebody they are going to say something and there is the tinniest chance that it is true but you can't rely on them, it is almost like relying on a magic 8 ball .

No, we shouldn't sink to their level because the whole point of capturing them is to to tell them that what they did was wrong. When being tortured they detainee might still think that doing horrible things is right but only to them and that would put a HUMAN BEING in a horrible state of mind. It doesn't matter what anyone person does they still deserve to be treated like a human.

Countries and groups still hold grudges over very small things and Afghanistan will keep a grudge with us if we continue to torture their citizens.
Debate Round No. 2


maybe at some point in its infancy as an advancing nation afghanistans will hold a grudge. but for all the reasons in my past post, it's not likely in the long run to mean anything, really. you did cite a shoddy website to prove your grudge point.

i appreciate that you think we must treat them as humans as the inherent right thing to do. i guess i just disagree.

i dont think what theyd say is probably going to be false. and even if it was in the scenario i devised we keep torturing untill they say what's true, or we think they dont know any more. given theyve shown they almost surely know, it's worth a shot to torture, even if we got nothing. but there's a high probability tht we would get something. if you know something to save others and it'd prevent you from ebing tortured to save them and you, wouldnt you tell? probably most would


For this final round I'm just going to stick my points, torture will lead to no good, and human beings should be treated like human beings.
If somebody does something wrong like the scenario you came up with we shouldn't torture that person, we should show them that what they did was wrong. If we torture they might get into a state of mind that doing terrible thing is ok, because the supposed are doing it to. Also when we release these prisoners, because we don't hold all of them forever, they will still have a violent state of mind because of what happened to them.
Also no matter what somebody has done they shouldn't have they same thing done to them because we don't live by hummurabi's code any more and they are human beings!. Every single human being deserves to be treated equal no matter what they have done.

It has been fun my friend.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BennyW 5 years ago
I don't have enouhg of a case against this but the problem with torturing for information is that Bob will say whatever will make yo stop torturing him so the information will be unreliable.
Posted by leojm 5 years ago
Wow, this stuff is harsh. I'm not into torture but wow your really into it. :D hehe
Posted by Ragnar 5 years ago
Perhaps if the resolution were 'waterboarded' or 'softly tortured...'
Posted by LotusNG 5 years ago
Your first round and how you explain it makes it nearly impossible to argue. There is no other way to get the information, and people will die without the information. Of course people are going to agree that he needs to be tortured.
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