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to be consistent, a bible christian from today living in old testament times, should stone people

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Started: 5/31/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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the bible has dictates from God to stone certain people.

ive asked, and almost no one says if they were living as a jew in old testament times, that they would stone people. here or there a person might say they would.

how if you believe the bible and all that jazz, and claim to be christian, could you disagree and not stone people?


First i would like to thank you for this debate.
If you had any theological knowledge you would know that the people stoning christian were actually Jews. As more and more people became christian, the Jewish people, and the Pharisees in particular became scared that they're power would be taken away.

You would also know the story of Jesus and that when he died, many changes took place within the Roman empire and middle eastern areas. Due to the mass of new Christians at the time.
Debate Round No. 1


con seems to miss the point. would you stone people if you lived in OT times as hthe bible requires? i would argue yes, if you are a bible christian. most just say no and can't give any reasons why that's teh proper response.

perhaps you just didn't realize that jews were the predecessers to christians. jesus was a jew. jesus even said at one point, though i personally find reason to distrust what mean exactly said, that God said stoning was to occur in OT days.

i'm not arguing that christians should stone people now tfrom a consistency point of view.

it's hard to determine why con is making his points and not addressing the heart of the deabte, so i'm giving a few possible responses to thinkgs that could be concluded from what h's said.


You had some nice points there but please,next time check you spelling. It can make reading your argument a strenuous activity.

I would like to point out some irreverent part in your text, where you are targeting my arguments and no the debate.
In your first paragraph you are complaining that i did not understand the point, then you give reason for why i might not understands, from that you state you view again:

"i'm not arguing that Christians should stone people now from a consistency point of view."(I corrected your spelling mistakes)

Then you admit to summarising my argument.
Please next time focus on the issue at hand, and never summarise your opponents argument.

I would like to restate the original question:

"To be consistent, a bible Christian from today living in old testament times, should stone people".

My answer is no.
I have yet to see any evidence to support any modern day Christians stoning people or putting them to death. Although all religions and organisations have done bad things. But as a modern day Christian i believe it is not up to us to judge whether people deserve to die, its up to God.

I would like to point out as said before, Jewish and Christians are two different religions. I like to think that although Christianity is based around Jewish religion, it is very different in that we have been saved through Jesus.

My apologies but i have run out of time for this argument and i must leave.
Debate Round No. 2


it seems that con might continue to not understand the debate. this i a hypothetical debate. it's not about stoning people nowadays. it's what woud you do if you lived in jewish days? the old testament has verses taht the "the LORD said to stone xYz"... the book of matthew has jesus as saying "God said to stone.. xyz" in reference to OTestament. it's a command from God. you live in the old testament times. aren't yu obligated to stone people?


reglac111 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheVic 7 years ago
I think I get Pro's point.
And the answer would be NO
If you are a Christian who traveled back in time, then you cannot stone people (nope, not even a pebble)
If you are a Christian and do not know how you got to that point of history and also recognized as other Jew as a Jew, then you would have knowledge of the new laws and therefore could not stone people
If you are a jew living in the old testament with knowledge of the future Christianity, then no stoning.
Only real jews with no knowledge of the future Christianity could stone people because that was the law in those days. Yes, God did mandate to stone people

Besides, if we kept living under that law we would find ourselves short of stones (^^)
Posted by lefillegal1 7 years ago
Indeed jesus was a jew, if he himself didnt stone people, why do you, like the pharisees, tempt the spirit?Did not Jesus follow all of Gods commandments? Did he not say to turn the other cheek? The err was not in his ways but the old ways. Ways such as an eye for an eye. Stoning people etc. Although I understand this is hypothetical but the point is the same. Jesus pointed to the real issue which you seem to have over looked. God gave commandments to stone/kill/smite jews when they commited certain sins. As jesus points out, let him who is blameless carry out this punishment. Who is blameless besides our lord? While A christian would have All the knowledge that christ shared , its not necessary that a jew had that same knowledge. Therefore A christian in old testament would actually have the FULL testament, while the jews would retain the old and PARTIAL testament. With a full testament, it would be hardpressed for any christian to cast a stone. And if a chriatian were to be sent back with only partial knowledge, then that wouldnt be a christian at all, they would then become a hebrew/israelite/jew. The full knowledge of God comes thru Christ. As I pointed out, Judaism and Christianity are two different worldviews/religions. The main difference is Christians are believed to have the COMPLETE gospel while Jews did/do not.
Posted by reglac111 7 years ago
Why are you posting in comments, keep it on the debate page
Posted by dairygirl4u2c 7 years ago
in the OTestment it says "the LORD commanded ZYZ be stoned". even in the new testament, though i personally question whether Jesus was misquoted, Jesus said "God said... to stone xyz".
judism is the predecessor to christianity. jesus was a jew. therefore, if you take the bible to be true, you hsould be compelled to stone people.
Posted by lefillegal1 7 years ago
Popoo5560 Do you not understand what the new testament is? Paul himself is a proclaimer of the new testament how is it that you say it wasnt around when paul helped spread it? Dont you know ALL scripture? In the former days God spoke thru the prophets(old testament/jews) in the last days God speaks thru his son(new testament/Jesus/Christians). His son calls for those without sin to cast the first stone. While the old testament is indeed profitable, it is not the FULL revelation. CHRIST IS!!! So as a person knowing ALL scripture is profitable whose advice am I to take Jesus' or the Jews'? The Bible records countless errors that the Jews made but no error is found in Christ. I think its safe to say Im siding with Jesus.
Posted by POPOO5560 7 years ago
All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, 2 Timothy 3:16

Paul is talking about old testment, because the New testment not even existed at that time.
Posted by lefillegal1 7 years ago
NO CHRISTIAN was around during the old testament, if they could be then they wouldnt be christian. The jews religion is not christianity and the christians religion is not judaism. You are dealing with two seperate /faiths and trying to force them into being one. Jews were called to stone people not christians. There is no inconsistency if a christian would not stone someone because judaism is seperate from christianity.
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Reasons for voting decision: I cannot truly judge the strength of any argumentation that took place here as Pro does not seem to understand fundamental logic. However, sympathy compels me to award S/G points to Con in a debate that could not have accomplished much. A potentially interesting hypothetical topic, ending in an unintelligible mess.

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