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true or false ? i am real hashem of jews

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Started: 2/24/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Is this true or false ?

I am real hashem of jews, not rebirth, not attached, not israeli.

I am of purity and my enemies which are hindus, muslims and christians are killing me from last 9 years and taken dont know how much property and my jewish religion does not knows it.

Some jews even did not let me enter into my small synagogue.

Am i truly 100% hashem of jews or what do you think that hindus and muslims and christians are killing me since 9 years and maybe more then 9 years.

What spirits believes of different religions ? i want to know debate on spirits and myself.


Mate, going to be honest. I hate Jews, you big nosed fu.c.kers. I accept ur challenge ad i will fuc.k. u sister.

Joke i wont, I just wanna debate you. Im not racist
Debate Round No. 1


this debate is useless now as it started with bad words.


You can't even tolerate a bit of bad language, so how then are people like you, able to tolerate other religions?

You're the problem with this world, you over defensive n.o.b head.
Debate Round No. 2


let me tell you a story and you tell me if you like my story which i practically tested.

i claim to be original hashem and current hashem is evil sinner.

So the story begins like this which is based on reality and original truth.

There is a young man he prayed for all religions and could not believe in any gods because all gods of all religions forces human to first sin and do prayers by putting fate of them in human stomach and put spirits in human body and mind and when human sins that all religions gods says human has sinned and punishes human, in the mind of young man all gods are not even recognized as mad gods because nobody will punish human by first forcing them to sin by putting spirits inside them and then punish, if you ask the same question with doctor who are these gods and they will say all gods are not even mad they are pyscho no they cannot be psycho but evil sinner because they hide something from everyone there existence with which they will be finished if everybody comes to know there original truth. Now the young man does not get believe in any religion gods in whom he has prayed because he comes to know original truth that all religions gods forces humans to sin and prayers and lies clearly by saying they live by there decision.

When young man comes to know more original truth that all religions gods holy books verses are spirits and they dont have understanding and consciousness and life how dangerous they can be when any human thinks bad on them or any of there gods when speaking truth about there gods as he practically test everything in his reality. Because when any human goes against any religion gods there holy book spirits comes and says they are family of there god and forces human to sin by doing anything and they even erase sins. The young man does not get believe in any religion gods, do you think this young man is true or false.

God is of purity and never wrong or like evil sinner, this young man commands his spirits to finish all religions holy books who are too dangerous by whom any human life can be finished and becomes sinful.

Do you understand something from the story of young man, who is your god ? can you confirm.


You want to know who my God is?
My God is know as Lacey Wildd. My God is beautiful, my God is pure.

Please examine my source, showing the purity of my God.
Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by tahirimanov 3 years ago
Funny, though, HaShem never called Himself HaShem. It is the word Jews cane up with to use instead of YHWH, as Adonai. This is enough to refute your claim.
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