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trump is worse than hillary

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Started: 3/7/2017 Category: Politics
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the floor is open to you, start off the debate.


Thank You for this opportunity to prove just how good Donald J. Trump is. I've engaged in multiple debates over the course of the campaign season to prove how liberals and the main-stream media will twist anything Trump does. Not to mention the fact that Hillary is a cheat as well.

The Burden of Proof is shared on both sides. Both sides must prove why Hillary is bad and Trump is good, or vice-versa. If anyone cannot fulfill these obligations, they should be voted against. For the purpose of fairness, no events after November 8th, 2016 should be used in the debate.

As my opponent hasn't provided a structure, I will below and hope the judges have a good day and wish my opponent good luck...

Round 1: Pro Acceptance/Con Constructive
Round 2: Pro Constructive/Con Rebuttals
Round 3: Pro Rebuttals/ Con Rebuttals 2
Round 4: Pro Rebuttals 2/Con Summary
Round 5: Pro Summary/Con Conclusion (Pro forfeited 1st Round)

My first 2 contentions are Pro Trump, and the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th contentions are Anti-Clinton

Pro-Trump-Contention 1:(Immigration)
Trump has called for a wall to be built to keep illegal immigrants out. Trump proposes to make Mexico pay for the wall because they export their crime and poverty to the United States via illegal immigration. Many Americans have been killed by these illegal aliens and the lives of their families have been destroyed. [1]Mexico also publishes pamphlets of how to illegaly immigrate to the United States, and this is the reason why they must pay for the wall.[2] The wall is estimated to cost about 17 billion dollars[3]. I am sure that Con is going to argue how Trump is going to make Mexico pay, and my answer comes directly from Trump's website- Mexico must pay for the wall and, until they do, the United States will, among other things: "impound all remittance payments derived from illegal wages; increase fees on all temporary visas issued to Mexican CEOs and diplomats (and if necessary cancel them); increase fees on all border crossing cards " of which we issue about 1 million to Mexican nationals each year (a major source of visa overstays); increase fees on all NAFTA worker visas from Mexico (another major source of overstays); and increase fees at ports of entry to the United States from Mexico [Tariffs and foreign aid cuts are also options]. We will not be taken advantage of anymore."[4]Along with the proposal of the wall Trump has proposed to deport the illegal immigrants. Coming to the U.S. Illegally is in violation of the law, and the law cannot be bended for anyone. A simple way to make the illegals leave to to triple the number Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers. Currently we only have about 5000 ICE officers that do the lion's share of the work compared to the Los Angeles Police Department which consists of 10,000 officers. Also ICE officers should accompany local gang task forces to apprehend and deport illegals participating in street gangs.[5]This not only reduces the number of crime but also gets rid of the illegals. Another way to get rid of illegals is to defund federal grants from sanctuary cities which number 300 over the entire nation.[6]These cities harbor illegal immigrants, meaning they have laws enforced where the ICE cannot arrest illegals even if there is evidence. These are only some of the ways listed on Trump's website.

Pro-Trump-Contention 2:(Veterans Administration Reform)
Mr. Trump is completely pro-veteran. He wants to fire the corrupt and incompetent VA executives that let 300,000 veterans die waiting for care.[7]The Trump Plan Will:

"Increase funding for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury and suicide prevention services to address our veterans" invisible wounds. Service members are five times more likely to develop depression than civilians. They are almost fifteen times more likely to develop PTSD than civilians. This funding will help provide more and better counseling and care. More funding will also support research on best practices and state of the art treatments to keep our veterans alive, healthy and whole. With these steps, the Trump plan will help the veteran community put the unnecessary stigma surrounding mental health behind them and instead encourage acceptance and treatment in our greater society.
Increase funding for job training and placement services (including incentives for companies hiring veterans), educational support and business loans. All Americans agree that we must do everything we can to help put our service men and women on a path to success as they leave active duty by collaborating with the many successful non-profit organizations that are already helping. Service members have learned valuable skills in the military but many need help understanding how to apply those skills in civilian life. Others know how to apply those skills but need help connecting with good jobs to support their families. Still others have an entrepreneurial spirit and are ready to start creating jobs and growing the economy. The Trump plan will strengthen existing programs or replace them with more effective ones to address these needs and to get our veterans working.
Transform the VA to meet the needs of 21st century service members. Today"s veterans have very different needs than those of the generations that came before them. The VA must adapt to meet the needs of this generation of younger, more diverse veterans. The Trump plan will expand VA services for female veterans and ensure the VA is providing the right support for this new generation of veterans.
Better support our women veterans. The fact that many VA hospitals don"t permanently staff OBGYN doctors shows an utter lack of respect for the growing number female veterans. Under the Trump plan, every VA hospital in the country will be fully equipped with OBGYN and other women"s health services. In addition, women veterans can always choose a different OBGYN in their community using their veteran"s ID card."

Anti-Clinton-Contention 3:
Hillary Clinton lied to Americans about her email server and put America in danger. According to FBI Director James Comey, Hillary's email server contained 110 emails in 52 chains which contained classified information at the time they were being sent.[8]There were also people without the necessary security clearance that had access to Clinton's email server which contained classified information.[9] In an essence she cannot be trusted in handling top secret information or with the protection of the nation because she lied. Most Americans agree that Hillary Clinton should have been charged[10] Hillary has called for a 550% increase in Syrian Refugees[11] even though ISIS has said they are going to send operatives disguised as Syrian Refugees.[12] So Hillary believes that the lives of Syrians are greater than the lives of Americans? This shows that she has poor judgement.

Anti-Clinton-Contention 4:
Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite on the positions of LGBT and Women's Rights. Hillary Clinton accepted donations of millions of dollars from anti-LGBT countries.[13]
This table shows exactly how much she has received and the punishments for homosexuality.
She has also received money from countries that do not respect Women's Rights.[14]

Anti-Clinton Contention 5:
Hillary has called millions of hard-working Americans that support Trump "deplorable" and "irredeemable." She has insulted millions of Americans by calling them "racist, sexist, xenophobic, and Islamophobic." If a President despises close to a quarter of the population, how is she going to run this country?

I will probably have to introduce more arguments over this witch...

[9] (Watch Video Only)

Looking forward to your rebuttals...
Debate Round No. 1


Man, that was a lot to read. You are completely wrong on many of your statements, but I'll get to that later. First, I need you to give your rebutles on just a few of trumps cons. Also, I'd like to add that the title of this debate is trump is worse than Hillary. I, for now, will refrain from the positive aspects of Hillary, and work to defend her, while attacking Trump.
Doesn't believe in climate change and wants to gut the EPA.
He's education policy dangerously relies on school choice which is a terrible form of education in many cases.
Trump is a serial lier, and doesn't have a clear grasp on reality
Trump has a terrible, lying, unqualified cabinet who have racist veiws(Steve bannon).
Supports stop and frisk and police brutality, the former which has been proven to be ineffective and used to promote racial bias.
Is anti NAFTA and NATO
Trump has no way to fund his tax plan or any of his promises.
Has no way to deal with ISIS.
Wants to start a trade war with Mexico and China.
His deportation policy rips families apart.
The fact that he has no replacement for Obamacare, which has been a huge success and is widely beneficial to many people, and would repeal it without considering that.
Has dangerous Russia ties which could be treasonous.
Is against gun free school zones.
he does support torture and attacking civilians
Doesn't understand the economy.
Wants to spend on useless stuff, navy, more tanks, ECT.


Now for the rebutles.
The wall is a perfect example of how you guys love to twist reality. Mexico will never pay for the, mind you, nearly 50B dollar wall. (17b is below the lowest estimate from Congress). Now still, none of the things you listed would pay for the wall. It's just fluff. The wall will cost more than 6b a year, after production. It's also completely ineffective, because of tunnels, drones, ladders, boats, and freaking gang sabatauge.

Hillary supports veterans, and so do I.

you are making beautiful jumps in logic. first of all, america was never in danger from clintons emails, the fbi checked her out, shes clean. of course she could handle national security, she did it for 30 years.. the state department just released a form saying that there was only a real threat from citizens here for more than 10 years. and also, the increse is just 55,000 more people. not the 620000 trump says it is. . let me quote back to you your statement. you say that because hillary wants to take in immagrents that have little to no threat, she values syrians more than americans? no. she just cares about them. plus, we need those refugees. the agriculture comunity asked for 25000 workers and no one came. no one.

your fourth statement is just rediculous. charity foundations accept money from everywhere for the greater good, and she supports lgbtq rights.

trump and the sexual harrasment scandel. nuff said.

clinton apoligized for the deplorable comment, she was just justifyibly outraged about the racism trump stirred up at his rallys.

go ahead. rebuttle that.


It seems that my opponent cannot follow the structure I provided. On top of that my opponent wants to engage in a debate without evidence. Regardless, I will attack my opponents case while further defending my own.

PRO : "[Trump] Doesn't believe in Climate Change and wants to gut the EPA."

As defined by Trump's Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway, Trump believes in Climate Change, but not in Man-Made Climate Change. The question is not whether Climate Change is real, it's whether if it's man-made or not. Trump believes that it is naturally occurring and not man-made.[1] The debate over Anthropogenic Climate-Change is a whole other subject, but to provide evidence that Anthropogenic Climate Change doesn't exist, here is a debate proving that Anthropogenic Climate Change is not man-made.[2] Focus on @medv4380's arguments in particular as they disprove the notion. Another fact from a whistleblower form the NOAA which tracks climate change is that the NOAA purposely manipulated their data for their own personal gain.[3]

Now to the EPA. If Trump wants to abolish the EPA, he wouldn't nominate Scott Pruitt to lead it. Instead, he would ask Congress to cut ALL funding to the EPA. It's evident that he's not doing that. He's deregulating companies which helps the companies grow and compete within our country which increases jobs. The regulations imposed but the EPA drive up the costs of energy in the U.S. which can cause job loss.[4]

In short, my opponent is exaggerating claims and doesn't even offer any evidence to support his claims, while I do.

PRO: "He's education policy dangerously relies on school choice which is a terrible form of education in many cases."

What cases? Prove to me why school choice is bad. I will prove that it is good. I don't see why the government should control which school I go to. It's none of their business. They don't know what type of school would be good for me. On the other hand, my parents do. It's common sense for the parents to choose which is best for their child whether it's a public, charter, or private school. School Choice is also beneficial to student. According to researchers at the University of Arkansas " in the most comprehensive study done to date " students in school choice programs saw their reading and math scores improve by 27 percent and 15 percent respectively. This clearly proves that school choice does work.[5] Bureaucrats in D.C. have no clue what type of school I would do best parents do.

Once again, my opponent provides 0 sources to back up their case

PRO: "Trump is a serial lier, and doesn't have a clear grasp on reality."

Once again, prove it. The way I see it is that he's extremely smart. He has a net worth of 4.5 billion dollars. More than most of America. How does he not have a clear grasp on reality? He's the POTUS. The reality is that the Democrats and the left along with the MSM need to stop their whining and admit he is POTUS and work with him.

PRO: "Trump has a terrible, lying, unqualified cabinet who have racist veiws(Steve bannon)."

Steve Bannon is not a Cabinet member. Which of his Cabinet Members are bad....and why? He does not require the confirmation of the Senate. Once again my opponent uses derogatory terms and doesn't back them up with evidence. Let's look at one of Brannon's colleagues that used to work with him for 6 years. He clearly says that Bannon is not racist.[6] This is a serious allegation to Bannon, and the Burden of Proof is on my opponent which they don't fulfill.

PRO: "[Trump] Supports stop and frisk and police brutality, the former which has been proven to be ineffective and used to promote racial bias.

Once again, zero evidence to back up claims. Stop and frisk is an effective method to combat crime and isn't racially motivated. "The program is controversial because most of those who are stopped and frisked are black or Latino. That is less surprising than it may sound: Most New Yorkers are black or Latino. Critics of stop-and-frisk allege that the program is racially biased because blacks and Latinos are stopped and frisked at rates disproportionate to their share of the population. In fact, they constitute 87 percent of the stop-and-frisk targets. It is not surprising that blacks and Latinos are stopped and frisked at rates higher than would be expected if the program were being randomly administered across the entire population " because the program is not random. It is applied most robustly in high-crime areas, which tend to be disproportionately black and Latino. It is applied in response to specific information, such as witness testimony. Stop-and-frisk is used to help prevent crime in largely black and Latino neighborhoods, where largely black and Latino witnesses describe largely black and Latino suspects perpetrating crimes against largely black and Latino victims in a largely black and Latino city."[7] Its not racist when the majority of the people in the location are Black or Latino.

PRO: "Is anti NAFTA and NATO. Wants to start a trade war with Mexico and China."

NAFTA is bad- "Such outcomes include a staggering $181 billion U.S. trade deficit with NAFTA partners Mexico and Canada and the related loss of 1 million net U.S. jobs under NAFTA, growing income inequality."[8] Trump is not anti-NATO, he's anti-freebies. We protect some countries for free. They don't pay their fair share. We can't be policing everyone for free when we're in 20 trillion debt.[9] My opponent doesn't prove why it's bad. Trump doesn't want trade wars. That's just false, prove it Pro.

PRO:"His deportation policy rips families apart.."

They should've thought about that before they came here illegally. They can go to the back of the line and wait like every other legal immigrant. I've proven that many illegals harm Americans. Break the law, go back home. Simple.

PRO: "The fact that he has no replacement for Obamacare, which has been a huge success and is widely beneficial to many people, and would repeal it without considering that."

He does have a replacement for Obamacare. House Republicans have created it just now. It's not Trump's job to create the bill, that's the job of Congress. His job is to sign off on the bill. Obamacare is bad. Premiums have soared by 22% and counting.[10] And why is there an individual mandate? Premiums are extreme here in Texas. It's cheaper for my family to pay the penalty than buy health insurance. It's a disaster for America and the middle class.

PRO: "Has dangerous Russia ties which could be treasonous."

What ties to Russia that could be treasonous. The dossier that "exposed" Trump was proven false. [11] Please cite specific examples as to what conflicts of interests Trump has with Russia.

PRO: "Is against gun free school zones."

I don't see why you wouldn't want cops with guns on campuses. It's common sense to have cops at schools to prevent dangerous shootings or other criminal activities.

PRO: "Has no way to deal with ISIS."

Once again, prove it. He has increased air strikes on ISIS.[12] In addition, he's asked the Pentagon to devise numerous plans to combat ISIS with the help of Mad Dog Mattis.

PRO: "he does support torture and attacking civilians."

Torture could be used in special cases. These terrorists don't think for a second about the people the kill. They have zero morals whatsoever. They have 0 constitutional rights as long as they aren't on American soil. If these people are willing to do anything, why can't we. I'm not saying torture should be used in every case and neither is Trump. It's should be used in specific situations like hostage situations or where lives are on the line. Enhanced interrogation is also an option. It doesn't require water boarding. CIA official Bill Harlow agrees that torture can be effective in some cases and a specific example was the information needed to find Osama bin Laden.[13] When did Trump say he wants to attack civilians?

PRO: "Doesn't understand the economy. Wants to spend on useless stuff, navy, more tanks, ECT.

He has a 4.5 billions net worth, he understands business and the necessities in the private sector to have a good economy. Our military is important....Peace Through Strength. The more power we have, the more people will fear us. The more they fear, the more diplomatic relationships. The more of those the better to ensure peace.[14]

Wall: Trump has provided ways to make Mexico pay. 50 billion and 6 billion? Where's the source? Oh I forgot to mention the 58 billion dollar trade deficit with Mexico.[15]Wouldn't that be more than enough? Tunnels prevented my motion sensors and foundations, not to mention water flow would clog tunnels in the East.[16] 40ft ladders to the border, very suspicious and obvious. Not to mention how you would get to the other side. Jump off 40ft wall? Coast Guard for boats. What is gang sabotage supposed to mean?

If Hillary supported the Veterans, why is the VA a total disaster? She's been there for 30 years, why hasn't she fixed it?

Top Secret info into other hands is a threat. She didn't handle Top Secret info properly when she used a private email server which is extremely unsafe compared to a government issued one. Real threat from citizens? Where did that come from?
Refugees can pose a threat. Why risk American lives at all? It's safer if we built safe zones like Trump proposes. What agriculture community? Source?

Will rebute rest in later rounds as I'm reaching the character limit.

Debate Round No. 2


My bad, I thought we were going to do this by common knowledge and common sense, but I guess not. OK, so let's go to the rebuttals.

Trump previously said that he did not believe in climate change but then revised his opinion under public pressure. Man-made climate change is real, there's a general consensus between scientists about it, and even if it weren't, he is against reforming our energy sector, and is going to destroy the environment. I think that the fact that you rely on one person's baseless accusation as enough to bring down hundreds of thousands of studies shows the weakness in your argument. Solar would not drive up costs, and he has released his plans to gut the EPA, not sure you know what gut means though.

In urban schools it's great, but it needs the Public School to have numerous social workers in it because the people who go to the charter schools will generally be the students who live in better environments, making the study that you cite. In suburbs though, it's catastrophic, taking crucial funding away from schools that just need reworking. Overall, charter schools are managed very scetchily, and are in many cases bad forms of education.

Prove it!? OK, here we go. im not scorcing this because its common knowlage and would take 3-4 hours. look it up if you need to, but ill scorce some of it at the bottom.
said he would release his tax returns, stop tweeting, donate to vets, wiretapping, sweden terrorist attack, lied about his own immegration order, made a fake coladge, lied about the murder rate, the cost of the wall, the illegal immagrent surge, mudrer rate, terrorism, lied about climate change, posted a false, racist statistic on twitter,lied about obamacare, mocked a disabled reporter and lied about it, lied about the iraqi war, sex tape, birther movement, lied about hillary, obamas birthplace, death panel, his inauguration, lied about the polls, sex harassment alegations, clintons emails, unemployment, voter fraud, aleppo, his election victory, the media covering terrorist attacks, his nuclear policy for other countries, and around 20 times during the debate. I can give you more if you like.

keep in mind he also is accused of sexualy harrasing 12 women, made a fake coledge, wont release his tax returns,wants countries to have large nuclear arsnels,, told his followers to go look at a sex tape, made fun of a disabled reporter, ect.

Steve bannon is a chief advisor, and Betsy devos and Kellyanne Conway are perfect examples. One is completely unqualified, the other is a pathological liar.Education Secretary Nominee Betsy DeVos | Video |
Oh my God his associate said he's not a racist case closed. Man that's stupid. That's not even close to proof.
138723/steve-bannon-absolutely-culpable-breitbarts-racism-sexism-anti-semitism. there you go that should do it.
Check again. It was a failure and a racial bias outlet.
That's for the trade war.

They can't. Simply put if they go back they will die. I see that you have yet to address the wall or funding for any of this.
Obamacare has problems of course. But it insured 40 million people and gave unheard-of coverage to those who are Gravely sick. This is why the Republican party is having such a hard time trying to replace it. It was really a success. Also, there plans to replace are terrible see john Oliver's Obamacare review. And again many problems come from Republicans trying to strangle Obamacare and then looking at it and saying it's choking.

Trump's ties are extremely dangerous. I am sure you know about the scandals of late but here's a link anyway

As I said in the last debate, according to my party the common sense party, gun-free school zones means that nobody who is not a cop or a trained and hired professional can have a gun in a school. Trump is for kids having guns in school, a dumb idea because almost all school shootings are done by students. He is also against background checks and databases.

I thought we were going from before the election but apparently I'm wrong now he has a bad, detailless plan for Isis here you go.

First of all he wants to standardize torture, but second of all, no you can't. If we do that it brings us down to their level. Torture has zero morals whatsoever. And of course they have rights, don't be an idiot. We can't do just anything because it's immoral. Should we Massacre our Muslims if they massacre their Christians? That's not what he said he said for all terrorists.

We spend more on our military than the entire world combined. Trump has said that we have a GDP below zero, doesn't have the networth you claim. You can't just use the trade deficit with Mexico to pay for wall. it's not hanging around in some Scrooge McDuck money pool, it's everywhere.
Tunnels have already been dug under the existing wall, and motion sensors don't cut it. Ladders aren't suspicious it happens all the time, and as Donald Trump stumbled upon at one of his speeches, when they get to the top they'll go down with the rope. Not only is Trump cutting Coast Guard funding, they still don't have Patrol over international waters, and it can be easily done even without that. If gangs get pissed that you are making it tougher to send drugs across, they'll just periodically blow up the wall.

Your comment about Hillary is not a clear path of logic. If Trump such a great businessman why didn't he save his bankrupt casinos? It's just faulty logic.

Trump is currently using an unsecured phone, why don't you talk about that? I'm sure she'll be more careful next time, but there was no real threat.
Because they are refugees, and as the state department says, pose no real threat, then it's a humanitarian issue and the decision is quite obvious.
There's the AG community. See you next round.


I will refute my opponents rebuttals in this argument, as the logic is flawed in many ways.

Climate Change:
Like I said, Trump believes in climate change, but not anthropogenic climate change. Regardless of what he has said in the past when he was a private citizen like you and me. A long time ago, even scientists didn't agree upon climate change, but now they do. Regardless, the scientific consensus argument is flawed."Where did most of the 97 percent come from, then? Cook had created a category called "explicit endorsement without quantification"""that is, papers in which the author, by Cook"s admission, did not say whether 1 percent or 50 percent or 100 percent of the warming was caused by man. He had also created a category called "implicit endorsement," for papers that imply (but don"t say) that there is some man-made global warming and don"t quantify it. In other words, he created two categories that he labeled as endorsing a view that they most certainly didn"t."[1] You don't seem to believe my friend medv4380's argument when he backs it up with evidence. His case is simple. If the temperature increases, there is more evaporation. But there is zero correlation between evaporation and CO2. (Figure 1) (Figure 2)
The temperature was the same in 1936 as in 2010. The temperature dropped after 1936 and came back up. It is at the same stage now. If history repeats, which it does, the temperature will drop again. Even if you don't believe these perfectly valid sets of data, there is still the whistleblower and his testimony which my opponent refuses to address. Gut means to get rid of. If by gutting you mean getting rid of regulations that harm American businesses, I don't see what's wrong with that.

My opponent doesn't seem to understand what "school choice" means. It means that the parents get to choose what type of school their child should go to. If they want them to go to a public school, that's fine. My statistics are over school-choice in general, not just charter schools. It includes homeschooling, public, charter, private, and voucher. If there was just one type, it's evident that it would fail, just like it is with some public schools right now. School-choice is opposed only by teacher unions, who just want to make money. Competition improves schools and their standards which helps students even more.[2] My opponent uses cherry picked evidence and uses the word of a COMEDIAN as a source.

It would have been appreciated if you gave only a few, but I'll just give sources to disprove them in order. Trump said he would release taxes after audit is complete. [3] He said he would stop tweeting of the media were fair and honest which they are not.[4]Media biased against Trump evidence.[5] He did donate to veterans. Here's a list and amount.[6]Evidence from Vault 7 and this video proves Trump was spied upon.[7] Trump never said there was a terror attack. He said they were having problems, and they are. "Migrants Responsible For 95% Of Sweden"s Crime Increase""Justice Costs Surge By $8.7 Billion."[8]
I need an exact source for the Immigration Order. Murdered rate of what? And where? I've given an estimate of 17 billion, Congress says from 12-15 billion.[9] I think Trump said 5-10 billion at the start, but it's bound to go up after he increases the height and foundation. Immigration Surge? Source please. Terrorism? What do you mean? I've already posted his stance on climate change. Which racist statistic? Obamacare is a disaster (evidence in Round 2). Hillary's campaign in 2007-2008 started the brother movement.[10] Lied about Hillary? What do you mean? What did he say that was false about her? Death Panel? Source? How did he lie about his inauguration? The polls and pundits were all wrong. Trump won the election! Exact quote on emails please. Quote on unemployment? It was the Democrats that asked for a recount in states.[11]Hillary received 800k votes from non-citizens.[12]Aleppo source?How do you lie about an election victory? Wow! The media can post 1 article on their website and claim they covered it? It's not on T.V. where most people get their news anyways. He said they were underreported. Trump said SK and Japan may have to develop their own nukes if US hegemony failed. All he's saying is that it's inevitable that they will get nukes.[13] Hillary has lied countless times too.[14] If anything, they offset.

Mr. Trump was imitating a groveling reporter. He personally didn't know Mr. Kovaleski, and even if he did it was 30 years ago. Not to mention the fact that Mr. Trump is 70 years old. He could've simply forgotten. I'm pretty sure Trump wasn't mocking Mr. Kovaleski, who he hasn't seen for 30 years. Those imitations can be seen with Ted Cruz and a General, neither of which are disabled in any way.[15]Another case of media lies.

Sexual Allegations:
The comment was "locker-room talk." He was a private citizen at that time, and was talking to a friend about women. If there is evidence that he has actually done this stuff, then that's a problem. Not to mention the fact that he apologized to his wife and the American people like a true Christian. The accusations that came on him have largely been debunked[16]. It was all a hit-job by the left-wingers, or for their own benefits. There is 0 evidence that he has assaulted women. And remember it's not assault if they give you consent.

Trump University:
98% of the attendees have an approval rating of Trump University.[17] Tara Makaeff, one of the plaintiffs praised Trump U in the past as well.[18]To prevent conflicts as President, he settled the case,

My opponent blasts me for taking the word of a person that has known him for 6 years and worked alongside him. Then PRO goes on to cite 2 people that used to work for Breitbart. Let's get one thing straight, you're blaming Bannon for everything Breitbart writes? That's stupid. Blame the article writers, not Bannon. I can't access the video of Betsy DeVos, and PRO has offered 0 evidence over Kellyanne Conway. Stop and Frisk as a practice is constitutional, and practice of it by the NYPD was ruled unconstitutional. The plaintiff's main argument was that it was racially biased, but as I proved, more Latinos and Blacks are bound to be stopped as the area which it was done in was majority Black and Latino.[19] Trump will impose tariffs on Mexico if needed. As for China, it's only fair that we have some tax. The Chinese do to their imports. Then again, it wouldn't be necessary if China doesn't manipulate their currency to benefit themselves. Think of it as a negotiation tool. Currency Manipulation harms the American economy.[20]

The concept of safe zones is viable. Basically the international community helps protect and gives supplies to refugees. King Salman of Saudi Arabia has agreed to fund the safe zones.[21]

My opponent once again gives 0 evidence that Trump has relations with Russia. The article doesn't say anything about how Putin has control over Trump. It just says The U.S. And Russia should have better relation.

The source by PRO says nothing about giving students guns. At best it says giving teachers guns, which can be logical to prevent school shootings.

Obamacare simply doesn't work. Why should be increase premiums of the 280 million people who don't rely on government subsidies so that we continue giving government subsidies. The premiums are going to hike at the cost of small businesses and people. Higher prices and less coverage is the problem not to mention major insurers have left.[22]

Like I said torture is effective in some cases. It's not allowed right now. He wants to make it so it can be used. You forget that torture also includes sleep depravation and other methods. It's a case by case basis. We are fighting a war. There are very few morals in war. You do what you can to prevent lives from being lost. I was referring to constitutional rights. Muslims/Christians is irrelevant to this.

Peace through strength. It works. Source on GDP? His net worth is 3.7 billion. 800 million dropped after he canceled financial deals after he became President.[23] The money will flow back to the economy and come as revenue to the country. The CBP knows more about motion sensors and tunnels, I suggest you read the source. 40 ft ladder isn't suspicious? Wow! The time to get down from wall with rope is more than enough time for CBP to come. Not to mention motion sensors on the ground as well hidden. Coast Guard doesn't patrol int. waters. It just protects U.S. Waters. He hasn't cut CG funding he's weighing options. There is 0 solvency as well.[24] Besides, the CBP has speed boats too.

Mr. Trump has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcies meaning he personally has never gone bankrupt. Only 6 of his businesses have and he made the the law advantageous for him and settled the debt. Out of about 515 companies, only 6 have been filed for Chapter 11.[25]Even Bill Gates's companies have filed bankruptcies. Risks are a part of business. 30 years and she can't help vets?

Rest later...

Debate Round No. 3


No of course not. Gut means to take away significant funding and cripple it. 4 years ExxonMobil covered up man-made climate change, and when it finally came out that it was causing climate change, instead of training workers in coal mines and oil rigs to do different jobs, they got every last penny that they could from it. Now, solar is cheaper than oil, coal is useless, and it's time to move on. We need to stop subsidizing oil and coal, and get rid of the special interest laws that oil companies keep in place to try to keep solar from being the amazing power source it can be. EPA regulations don't harm American businesses, they keep our country safe, and are necessary. I don't appreciate you trying to mislead readers. I completely addressed your whistleblower. His baseless testimony means nothing against hundreds of thousands of studies that have been done in this field. The cook study shows that the overwhelming majority of scientists believe that climate change is very probably caused by humans. End of story. I read the study. And the data you give is flawed for one reason. The problem isn't the temperature it's the rate. that article pretty much guts your entire Theory. Now that I've proven you wrong about that, you should be able to see that it's a problem for our president to not believe in one of the most challenging environmental issues of our time.

I don't think you really addressed my argument. You kind of just walked around it. Please address the evidence I have given you, so that the debate can continue.

I've already linked most of the things you asked for, but I'll give you the rest anyway.
Said that he would stop tweeting after he was president, lied about whether he would release his tax returns, he has now said that he won't,
He said that climate change is a hoax created by the Chinese and then said that he never said that.
Sure Obamacare needs to be fixed, but it isn't a disaster and if you check the links I've already given you, you will see his many lies.
Trump lied that you have to go before a death panel if you are an old person seeking Obamacare.
once again check the sources I've given you about him lying about Hillary.
And his inauguration. He said he won by a record breaking landslide.
he said Aleppo Has Fallen. that's a flat-out lie. The voter fraud link you cited has a study that has been debunked multiple times, but that's okay because Trump still lied about voter fraud. he said three to five million and that people were bused over from Vermont. Nice try. Are you fully insane? On the list of attacks the media didn't cover enough among many other famous ones, were the Pulse Nightclub shooting and the San Bernardino shooting. No he said and I quote that it would be better if everyone had Newk's. I love how you switch from denying every single thing I said to saying that Hillary lies to.... PolitiFact shows that they do not offset not even close. His imitation was of a disabled reporter and what you are saying is damage control, but you still failed to disprove the fact that he mocked him.
I'm not saying there's enough evidence to convict, I'm saying that when someone says that they can do anything they want to women including grabbing them by their p*ssy and then it comes up that he might have done just that it becomes a very suspicious case.
Once again check out the John Oliver

Really Bannon was the chief editor Breitbart and you don't blame him for the constant racist and sexist flow of articles that came under his watch. it wasn't a link, it was a video, so just look it up.

Yes I have you didn't read the link about kellyanne Conway please quit trying to make your lack of work my problem.

You not even listening to me. Stop-and-frisk was ruled by the courts to be unconstitutional that means if you support it you are supporting something that is unconstitutional. Once again you didn't read the link. Trump already threatened to impose tariffs on Mexico and backed off when he realized it was a stupid idea and that we would just pay the terrif.

What he's doing will start a trade war that we will lose. That's not a plan for Isis.
Did you read the article from the guardian?
Major insurers have left because of the Strangling issue, and as you can now see when Republicans try to replace Obamacare, they completely fail.

What the hell are you talking about. The torture we use is what is necessary. Any other tortured is not only unconstitutional, it is horrible. The United States of America does not torture. It's what we do so we can rise above the animals that tried to kill us. There are a huge amount of morals in a war. You are absolutely insane, and have yet to address his go after the families policy.

More than 15 tunnels have been found under the existing border wall and an estimated 120 are still out there. Over a 3000 mile wall a 40 foot ladder is nearly invisible, and it takes roughly 10 Seconds To Shimmy down a 40-foot rope, im in gymnastics.
You still have not addressed the problem of the inefficiency of the wall. He made his bankruptcies advantageous for himself by screwing over the people he employed and the deals he made.


To maintain fairness in this debate, I will concede this round and refute ALL arguments next round. In addition, I will point out the flaws in my opponents case. My opponent may add more arguments if they so choose. Anything backed up by sources will be refuted by me
Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
Judges still won't be able to judge
Posted by Arimfexendrapuse 3 years ago
Then post your argument link in the comments.
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
I can't anymore, it's the forfeit glitch
Posted by Arimfexendrapuse 3 years ago
Sorry, ran out of time. It's ok, I was just going to ask you to respond.
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
Posted by Arimfexendrapuse 3 years ago
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
It was just a suggestion to benefit you, but I guess you don't care. Oh well, it's fine, whatever, but don't blame it on me when you lose.
Posted by Arimfexendrapuse 3 years ago
No, if you read the entire thing, it flows.
Posted by ILikePie5 3 years ago
Your arguments are in Round 2, yours sources are later on. Mine are labeled and within the same round.
Posted by Arimfexendrapuse 3 years ago
No I don't. Unlike yours , they are directly under the blurb. And if they read the blurb, then the sorces, it makes it perfectly clear.
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