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try to be perfect with a full make-up is better than be natural without make-up

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Started: 3/24/2018 Category: Fashion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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why should we judge in a derogatory manner people who wear full make-up? You can be yourself and express yourself also wearing make-up. We know that everyone is better by wearing full make-up, in fact in this way you can hide your imperfections.


Mr or Ms.
u said, " In Fact in this way you can hide your imperfections. "
based by what you said on your argument it said that by wearing make up u will hide 'something' from yourself and you called it as your imperfection. but, does that what perfect mean?
The definition of perfect is ; having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. Yes, as good as it is possible ( at least that what i found in google. lol )
so. i think by make up natural u let people judge how perfect u are because u dont hide anything you can be as good as it is possible
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Posted by C_N_E 2 months ago
Wearing make-up -> Do you really express yourselves when walking with it in public or is it truly about what YOU want people to see as YOUR image of beauty?

Make-up to me means I should perfect all flaws on my face and portray what is beautiful on it to show and fit in with society.

I went through a phase of makeup myself but walk barefaced now. I feel more myself without makeup.

Also when you put on your makeup< do you copy another's idea of what is now trendy and put it on or create your own UNIQUE different make-up pattern?
Caz I for a fact can say I use to say it was about expressing myself but in the end, I wore someone else's idea and never created my own unique style.

I don't judge those going through this phase too. Like I say I was there myself and it took me a while to acknowledge the truth and to stop it and regain my self-worth and confidence with my bare face. But I prefer being my true self in every way possible rather than a copy of another.
I believe we all are on different life journeys, But through our journeys will connect with others to also learn from not only share. It is important to take critique also with respect. Sometimes it is there to push one in the direction they should go.
Posted by DeezNutz11 3 years ago
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