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twilight books are really messed up

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Started: 6/26/2014 Category: Music
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Bella strung along two men before choosing the one that wanted to kill her at one point. Edward is almost 100 years old while Bella is only 18. Renesmee literally needed blood to survive and nearly killed her mother. Jacob couldn't have Bella so he went after her daughter. I mean, I get that it's imprinting but come on! She's only a few hours old. And vampire's are not supposed to sparkle. I get that Stephanie Meyer did not intend for this plot to be messed up but it is.


Hello, I would like to debate with you, in a friendly matter so I hope you don't take offense to anything I say and I will not with you. I will be honest I am not the biggest fan of Twilight but there are some things I noticed that are very debatable in your description/introduction.
Whether or not Vampires are suppose to sparkle Stephanie Meyer has a right to her own creativity she made her own version of vampires for entertainment purposes. I believe the reasoning for Stephanie Meyer making the character Jacob and Resenmee imprinting was for everyone to have a somewhat happy ending. Once again it was her choice and Stephanie Meyer can have her own creativity. The part of Bella leading two men on, one being a werewolf, the other a vampire is not at all messed up. Matter of fact this kind of plot has been going on for ages. The whole love triangle in general where someone is left out as a third wheel. For example, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby (which was in fact more messed up than what Bella did) even Titanic had a small love triangle. It's not simply about vampires and werewolves but the concept of a love triangle and the woman being in the middle or in some cases it's the man who has to choose not mattering if it means life or death. The fact that Edward is almost a hundred years old and Bella is only 18 is irrelevant a lot of classic vampire stories have a lot older vampires into younger humans and of course Resenmee is going to need blood she is a vampire herself. In fact the whole woman dies of childbirth thing is original as well. So for my conclusion on Round 1. It's not just Twilight there are several books out there including classics that have this same plot. Stephanie Meyer just tried to turn it around, small things of course like vampires sparkling, and the whole imprinting, to make it look like it came from her own creativity which some of it did.
Debate Round No. 1


I get that it was intented to have a happy feel to it, but you can't deny that the age difference was too much of a factor here. And the fact that Jacob once told Bella that he would rather have her dead than a vampire(aka happy) and she still kissed him is some pretty messed up logic, and she was engaged at the time. Happiness is just on the surface of these books.


If the author made the whole series without complications and conflict and it was all just happiness many readers would not read the book. Majority of people read books because they want to know what happens next not read a book knowing how it's going to end. And to sum up this part, " Jacob once told Bella that he would rather have her dead than a vampire(aka happy) and she still kissed him is some pretty messed up logic, and she was engaged at the time."
Once again the love triangle thing. In the Great Gatsby Daisy has a daughter and is married but still has an affair with her old love/boyfriend. Another story "A tale of two cities," by Charles Dickens is the same messed up concept. Lucie plays both of them and in the end Sydney Carlton takes her husband's place and gets executed. Lucie not even really caring that he did such a thing just for her happiness. Once again, read any vampire book nowadays and the age will be a huge difference.
Debate Round No. 2


So you're saying that it's okay to kiss someone after they tell you they would rather want you dead? And you can't tell how a story's gonna end by reading between the lines. You keep talking about the author's intentions, but we all now she intended for this to be a happy plot. I'm talking about if you look deeper into the story.


To end this debate I will say once again that Book characters were not made to be perfect otherwise Stephanie Meyer's would have made Jacob say all the right things. Jacob had a temper yes but that's what makes him a legitimate character. Same as Bella.
If you want to be technical about your "looking deeper into the story," then you would know that Stephanie Meyer put hidden meanings of her religion into the story and that was what it was all about.

I thank-you for letting me debate with you.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by NSSG_Eater 7 years ago
The problem with the Twilight books is that Charlie is a terrible father. He saw his daughter frightened and panicked as her boyfriend dragged her out of her home. Shouldn't he have some common sense? Also, Jacob mouth-rapes Bella. If you read that part in Eclipse with Jacob kissing Bella, you can obviously see how wrong the description was. Bella tried to get away, and Jacob noticed this. Yet he continued, he had a strong hold on her and kissed her angrily.

Also when Charlie heard that Bella broke her wrist because Jacob kissed her, he congratulated Jacob.

If that is not fucked up I do not know what is.
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro put forth several reasons why the Twilight books were "really messed up". The most that Con gave in terms of defense for most of these was that "it was her choice and Stephanie Meyer can have her own creativity". That response is irrelevant to the question at hand. A person could write a story with a serial killer engaging in necrophilia, pedophilia and cannibalism--that would be "their choice", but it would clearly also be a "messed up" story. Arguments to Pro. As always, happy to clarify this RFD.

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