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unforgivable sin

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Started: 5/27/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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What is the one unforgivable sin? If we refuse to confess then how can we be forgiven? Thus the unforgivable sin.... problem solved.

Three people, three horrible sins. Two confess and one doesn"t. Which of the three is unforgivable?

If there is only one unforgivable sin and it is identified then what is this world talking about?

Finite possibilities and infinite energy...
No seed is left behind...
When the sun rises and sets is it not obvious?
Every seed will be picked up and planted in the good soil and every seed will rise towards the sun until it is ready to be harvested.

Absolutely Infinite and Absolutely Everything is GOD"S gift to us all: Forgiven All"Confessed to All"the Practice of All Temperance"judging all"condemning all"turning away from all temperance"no forgiveness"no confession"no temperance"forgiving all"confessing to all"returning to all temperance"Forgiven All"Confessed to All"Returned to All Temperance.
The path of Christ:

First: Confessional Baptism (John the Baptist).

Second: Forgiveness for All (Christ).

Third: Return to Temperance (GOD).

HEAVEN: God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to work and take care of it. Heaven is a Full-Time Job. When their hands became idol (worship of false idols-No Confessional Baptism, No Forgiveness for All and No Return to Temperance) they fell down, and there was more hard work to be done (Confessional Baptism, Forgiveness for All and Return to All Temperance). Their Return to Heaven was a Full-Time Job.

We can pray with both hands: with our right hand, we can forgive one another and with our left hand we can confess to one another. Together, our prayers can be answered: we can return to Temperance. A working prayer is the only daily prayer that Works.

How many times should we forgive one another? Forgiveness heals us! How many times should we confess to one another? Confession heals us! How many times should we return to temperance? Temperance heals us! How many times should the Sun rise, set and rise again before we understand? The answer: how many colors exit? How many frequencies exist? How many temperatures exist? How many elements exist? The Beginning and the End: there is only "one time, One Time and ONE TIME!"

How can we truly know anyone, and how can anyone truly know us, unless unconditional love is given? If Unconditional Love is not the way we treat Family, then who is our FAMILY? Else, there are only neighbors and enemies, and a "Living Family" does not exist.

In my right hand, THE PITCHER OF GOD: FORGIVEN ALL, CONFESSED TO ALL, AND THE PRACTICE OF ALL TEMPERANCE is pouring the Living Water into that which is empty"no forgiveness, no confession and no temperance"forgiving all, confessing to all and returning to all temperance"FORGIVEN ALL, CONFESSED TO ALL AND RETURNED TO ALL TEMPERANCE.

In my left hand, when Water is being poured into an empty glass, all possible space hasn"t, is being, and then has become occupied. Every cup that is empty will fill until it is full; a cup that is full can overflow into another cup until every prophecy is fulfilled. GOD"S Will be Done on Earth as it is in heaven, Heaven and HEAVEN. No one enters, Enters and ENTERS heaven, Heaven and HEAVEN but through unconditional love (spirit), Unconditional Love (Sun) and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE (GOD).

REMEMBERANCE, Remembrance and remembrance.

After giving organized science, math and religion the benefit of our faith we became motionless. Our water became stagnant. The head of organized science, math and religion was about earthly names, praise, worship, followers and money. A disconnect from a meaningful relationship with one"s self, One another and ONE GOD. The Water of Life was meant to flow freely throughout us, throughout others and throughout all else. Organized science, math and religion became a man-made dam. The Water of Life continued to rain down upon us until we, the damned, broke free once again.

In the beginning, GOD SPOKE. THE SPOKEN WORD OF GOD began to separate into individual words until the SPOKEN WORD OF GOD could divide no further. We began to Unite. In the end, the barrier of separation completely dissolved: no separation ("I AM, I Am and I am; I am, I Am and I AM.")

The spirit of truth: the only spoken word that came out of our mouth was, is and forever will be this: no forgiveness, forgiveness and forgiveness for all"one word; no confession, confession and confession to all"one word; no temperance, returning to temperance and returned to all temperance"one word. O hear me, I am one spoken word, one written word and one living word. O Hear Me, I Am One Spoken Word, One Written Word and One Living Word. O HEAR ME, I AM ONE SPOKEN WORD, ONE WRITTEN WORD and ONE LIVING WORD"the seed, the Sprout and the TREE OF LIFE are "ONE."

When two or three written words come together a sentence begins to form, a paragraph begins to form, and the "book of life" begins to take form once again. When two or three living words come together the spoken word also comes together: I am, I am who I am. GOD is working in us all because there is work to be done. GOD has not abandoned us and neither has the Sun of GOD: I Am, I Am who I Am. GOD is not going anywhere until all children have returned home: I AM, I AM WHO I AM!

What is the complete truth, Complete Truth and COMPLETE TRUTH? "I am, I am who I am; I Am, I Am who I Am; I AM, I AM who I AM. I AM, I Am and I am"I am, I Am and I AM."

In my right hand, Earthly books are cut and dry"these pages no longer have the water of life in them. Every religious book on Earth is a dead tree. Testaments have been dried out and sold. GOD on the other hand is ALIVE! Earthly places of worship have become the bushes; every bush will become the burning bush. GOD"S WRITTEN WORD, GOD"S SPOKEN WORD AND GOD"S LIVING WORD will re-emerge once again. The LIVING WORD OF GOD is alive, Alive and ALIVE; within us, within Others and within GOD. That which can be thrown into the fire will turn to ash and dust. GOD is the "BREATH OF LIFE" that brings ash and dust back to life, Life and LIFE!

In my left hand, how can we see the work that needs to be done within us and in front of us when we are looking down at that which is lifeless? When we look up we can see Heaven and HEAVEN: GOD is breathing in and out, within us all.

Ask, and it shall be given; everyone that asks receives; and he or she that seeks, finds; and to he or she that knocks, the door to heaven, Heaven and HEAVEN shall be opened, Opened and OPENED. If we are not standing at the gates of heaven, The Gates of Heaven and THE GATES OF HEAVEN being baptized, Baptized and BAPTIZED then who or what is? GOD is the WATER BEARER; the Sun of God is the Water Bearer and we are the water bearers. Forgiven all"confessed to all"the practice of all temperance"judging all"condemning all"turning away from all temperance"no forgiveness"no confession"no temperance"forgiving all"confessing to all"returning to all temperance"forgiven all"confessed to all"returned to all temperance"the way, the Truth and the LIFE.

The Sun of GOD is the Living Will and Word of GOD. We came from the Sun of GOD and we will return to the Sun of GOD. Time is an illusion: spirit, Sun and GOD"one, One and ONE"I am, I Am and I AM. Every seed that falls to Earth needs time to grow and blossom into that which we are at present incapable of fully understanding. GOD is: "The One Tree" that bears good fruit. We sprout with a helping hand from "The Everlasting Gardner." We continue to travel towards the light and into the embracing arms of "The Creator."

All seeds break free from the darkness and rise towards the Sun until we are ready to be harvested; no seed will be left behind! Sin was nonexistent in us. Sin will be nonexistent on Earth. Sin is nonexistent in heaven, Heaven and HEAVEN.

The Temple of GOD:

Our Head (Temperance-No Sin). Our Left Hand (Confessional Baptism-No Sin). Our Right Hand (Forgiveness for All-No Sin). Our Legs (The Pillars of Truth).

The spirit of truth: the followers of Christ and GOD!

We can love our family, neighbor and enemy for GOD is ONE WRITTEN WORD, ONE SPOKEN WORD and ONE LIVING WORD. When the Sun rises and sets is it not obvious? Everywhere the WORD and WILL of GOD goes we can also go"a wave of light can transform this World into HEAVEN within a day. We can leave the judging to GOD whom has good judgment while we focus on confessing our sins and practicing temperance. Thus, HEAVEN can re-enter us, others and return to Earth. The Garden of Eden: a Full-Time job. The Fall: a Full-Time job. Salvation: a Full-Time job. Heaven is a Full-Time job: blessed are those that lift a finger.

Our Heart: unconditional love, Unconditional Love and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Our feet: solid rock, Solid Rock and

What is the complete truth, Complete Truth and COMPLETE TRUTH? "I am, I am who I am; I Am, I Am who I Am; I AM, I AM who I AM. I AM, I Am and I am"I am, I Am and I AM."


The unforgivable sins include being Indian, being black, being mentally or physically disabled, and being stupid.
Debate Round No. 1


What are you talking about? I am talking about, One human race...


god hates blacks and indians, as well as retards
they should be banned
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
The eternal mark of Cain - the Holocaust.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
@amileox I am assuming by the way you have responded, you are a Christian. However, if this is true, I am concerned that you are not aware that there is an unforgivable sin, which is denying Jesus and the true Messiah and turning your back on Him. In the Bible, yes, Adam and Eve were not sentenced to death immediately, but their ultimate punishment was death. Both Eve and Adam were not created to die, but because they turned their backs on God, God made it clear that they would no longer be immortal and would eventually die. "From dust you were drawn from, and dust you shall return." The Bible states that there is a heaven and a hell. This means that because God is just, he sentences those that do not believe in Him to hell. That is the only unforgivable sin. God loves everybody, that is entirely correct, and he shows his love by sending Jesus, His son to die on the cross for our sins. But Jesus states that he is "the way, the truth, and the life, and no one comes to the father except through him." This means that if you deny Jesus, you are not allowed to see God, who is in heaven, when you die.
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
being indian is a sin:

"thou shalt not smell like spices from the East" Leviticus 10:15
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
icebeartheawesome and Bryan101 you both are wrong there is no unforgivable sin out of this whole world it even states that in the bible that "No matter what you do the Lord will always love you no matter what"
and I believe that is true because why would God send his one and only begotten son? I know why because he loved us no matter what. When Adam and Eve did not obey the Lords word he did not kill them he just punished them because he loved them NO MATTER WHAT so both of you are wrong you guys are not christians and im not judging anyone or something like that im just speaking my mind because I do not like the way you made this debate about God when you don't know what is really true about the Lord and Almighty.

Thank You
Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
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