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university education should be free

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Started: 10/14/2015 Category: Education
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young people struggle for jobs. It is ridiculous for people to be paying money for education when they need money for rent, food, and daily needs. Also, some people need to sacrifice one of them... job or schooling? Of course schooling. This is one reason they couldn't achieve their dreams, like opening shops, being a singer or so on, because of the lack of money. Generally, many youngsters want good universities. Free unis might not be the dream school or fulfill their needs. So I believe this motion shall stand.


I accept this debate. Arguments will be in the next round.
Debate Round No. 1


Did you here about the news last year? An American uni student who couldn't afford anything graduated. he's lucky since his girlfriend supported him. yet not every student can afford it, a uni even had half of the students not able to pay school fees. you think it's appropriate for them, struggling when they really want education? most universities should be free, for the sake of the university students and families of them too.


1. Unimportant

If there is too many graduates, the government doesn’t need them. It is just for their good. We should not really give them education if they can’t take the responsibility to take care of them. Also not everything is free. Everything needs a price. If governments give free education, they need that money back. The government can’t do the important stuff of their job. They can’t do anything great because they are helping all the people and can’t do things for the economy.

2. Opportunity Cost

Even if we pay for university education, we need to pay higher taxes. That is almost the same thing. Also then because of the poor who need the education, the rich need to pay taxes they don’t need to pay.

3. People will think that education is nothing.

People will think that education is nothing. They won’t pay for it. They will not try their best and just relax. Then they will get bad or no jobs which is basically the same as paying education.

Debate Round No. 2


actually, no, education is important. you see the poor people down the streets? they are poor as they cannot afford their education fees, so they can't find a job. it's so unfair to find out rich guys pointing and laughing at poor people who can't pronounce words correct, read properly when they find jobs. what will happen to them? and their next generation? don't you think it's cruel? university education should be free because of people who desperately want and need education. some people hates education, since they think it's boring, pointless... No! if you live to have no education, no anything, you will be crying to go to school. you won't even be on this website! moreover, an article:" Forget tech skills, young people need to go back to the old-school basics to get a job" explain about the problem of people only relying on tech. what's worse... poor guys don't know anything, not even what's a phone. they education to learn " old-school basics" and tech to earn jobs.


However what Pro said is false. First of all the rich don't look down at you and laugh. Also it is your fault that you are poor. It is not the rich fault that they were rich. You should know that life is unfair and evryone is good and bad at things.

Second of all, you don't need education to get the jobs. Only about 40% of all jobs are by getting educated. Do you think someone would study for a cleaning lady test?

Please vote for Con.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by logical-master123 3 years ago
agreed, i will not say please...
Posted by bigbrain 3 years ago
very true (>_<) poor people......(<.>) (.o.) (0_0) ($_$) can't vote, but vote 4 PRO
Posted by ansonmak 3 years ago
:( con, how cruel and unkind. cleaning ladies have no choice unless they wanted to be one.
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Vote Placed by imabench 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Both sides provided equally terrible arguments and neither provided any sources for any of the claims they made during the debate.
Vote Placed by Bosoxfaninla 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con provided stronger argument. In the future though don't end the debate with a plead for voters to vote for you, it did lead me to giving the pro a better score on conduct.