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"unlimited paradox" - an ever present unlimited force does not exist

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Started: 7/25/2014 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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"unlimited paradox" - an ever present unlimited force does not exist

can the unlimited limit itself? if not, it is not unlimited. if so, it is not unlimited.

thus, we can see by probing a few questions about what it means to be unlimited, that it does not really exist, at least in terms of being ever present.


An unlimited force does exist, it is called "random chance", kind of like a meteor falling on you, or a plane crashing in your house.

There are no limitations to those possibilities, we take the risk every day we breathe.
Debate Round No. 1


'random chance' as con puts it, is not unlimited. it is based on the laws of nature, which make it work like clockwork. to us, we see randomness, but it is like clockwork. for example, when someone is walking down the street and gets struck by lightning, that was random chance, but it wasn't like it wasn't orchestrated by the laws of nature working like clockwork.... molecules doing what they do to cause the lighning and the person walking.

if random chance was truly unlimited, it'd be such that it could "do anything", which is not the case with random chance. and even if it was able to do anything, it can't surmount the probing questions i gave about limiting itself or not limiting itself, without contradicting itself.


Who can prevent random chance? You, me, I doubt it. That is unlimited force, and certainly not human created.
Debate Round No. 2


being able to prevent random chance or not does not show it to be unlimited or not. it is all still guided by the clock work of atoms and design, even if it looks arbitrary or whatever to us. and even if it was arbitary or whatever, it still is not 'unlimited'


I do not believe that humans will ever be able to defeat the unlimited force, which I would suggest is random chance, until we all are relegated to The Matrix bubbles where the powers that be, believe we belong, therefore an unlimited force does exist, as long as we are free. It is call Freedom, lady.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Max.Wallace 7 years ago
Clockwork, the Orange sort, a tool of those that king themselves.
Posted by Domr 7 years ago
please define unlimited.

I'm not accepting this debate regardless, but if I wanted to....

the number, Pi, has unlimited decimals. Therefore it exists. It is used to find the circumference and diameter and is a number with unlimited/infinite decimals afterwards. They are not limited, as this is the property of a circle.

If you are referring to an unlimited powerful god trying to contradict himself, then please clarify this.

your opening is confusing and could be beaten with semantics and/or lack of definition.
Posted by dairygirl4u2c 7 years ago
i'm not taking the approach of 'unstoppable v immovable'. i'm taking the approach of the two questions i asked
Posted by Domr 7 years ago
also please define unlimited....

by what our previous debate, I am assuming you are referring to the "Unstoppable force meets Immovable object" in terms of unlimited?

Would need you to clarify, or simply state "anything that is unlimited applies"
Posted by Domr 7 years ago
please define "ever present"
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Reasons for voting decision: Force =/= chance

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