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vegans are bad

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Started: 11/9/2018 Category: People
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Vegans are growing the wrong way. Meat is nutritious. Eating meatless meat is pointless, Since being a vegan means you hate meat and don't miss it in anyway.


I don't fully understand that statement. Being vegan is about protection and valuing animal lives. They don't hate meat. They hate how animals are killed for human consumption.

I'm not a vegan. While meat does offer heathy nutrition (when done correctly. To much meat is bad for you. Just like to much of anything is bad for you). A person can live healthy without meat.
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Posted by JesusChrist4Ever 3 years ago
God says to Noah in the Bible that we are allowed to eat all animals and plants. It doesn't get much clearer than that. We can still value animals lives by not poaching or killing for sport.
Posted by soullessrobins 3 years ago
@fantasticavafox I think it's more just stating, Not wanting a debate. It's clear this op doesn't want a debate. The vote was unjustified.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
Why 1 round?
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