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Started: 7/19/2016 Category: Religion
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people standing in line shouldnt be allowed to breathe..


I believe that people in line must be allowed to breath for various reasons. One being it is necessary to their function of life & without that, there would be no reason in which to stand in line anyway. Even without this requisition of continued life I also believe an all out halt on the process of breathing in line could & would be detrimental to the homeostasis of said line. I do agree it is unfortunate that our current technological advancements have yet to provide our species the opportunity to surmount this most grave & controversial of epidemics. Yet to allow the severity of this issue along with it's divisive nature to somehow justify genocide &/or mass suicide may prove to be insanely irresponsible not just for the people in the line, but for all those outside it as well. This is undoubtedly one of the most pertinent inquires of our time as it has been since the dawn of civilization when lines were first used. I have no doubt that I have omitted many integral & enlightening perspectives that pose sway over the result of this debate, but also hope that I have laid the groundwork for future generations to continue this most prestigious of fights.
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Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
Posted by kenikaobrien 2 years ago
I do. I have faith within it as well as an experiment I've designed with hamsters and a vacuum. Once I teach them the elusive art of single profile. I will be able to test the hypotenuse under various variables.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
ow so you just believe it
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Reasons for voting decision: Spelling/Grammar to CON as PRO failed to capitalize properly, and lacks many marks of punctuation. Arguments to CON as well as PRO gives his stance and PRO had the BOP that "people in line shouldnt be allowed to breathe," but fails to substantiate it in any way.